Static noise when streaming calls with iPhone 11 and Phonak Marvel

Hello Folks, I’m having a problem with streaming calls with my new iphone 11 and am wondering if anyone else has seen this, or maybe its just my phone.The phone software is up to date (iOS 13.7) anyway the problem is that when I make or receive a call while streaming to my hearing aids (Phonak m-90) I hear a lot of noise, or maybe static is a better way to explain it. I didn’t have this problem with my older phone (iphone 6) also the hearing aids firmware is up to date. Thanks for any help / ideas

I have iPhone 7 with the Oticon OPNS aids and have no issues. I know the marvels use classic Bluetooth while Oticon uses MFI but. Would try forgetting the aids pairing again after a reboot of the iPhone

I have Costco KS9 hearing aids (Phonak made). I’m experiencing a similar issue. Search for a thread I started “KS9 bad connection on phone calls”.

No solution yet for my issue. I believe it may be related to iphones 8 and newer having Bluetooth 5.0. Phonak marvel & ks9 use Bluetooth 4.2. Everything I have found 5.0 is backwards compatible to 4.2.

I have not updated my thread but the static is back on my hearing aid phone calls. I just went back to my 2016 iPhone se to see if static issue is related to new iPhone se 2020.

If you find a solution please post.

I opened a ticket with Apple on this issue. Check my thread for updates.

It turned out in my case that the problem was with my cell phone booster (zboost) was too close to my printer,and computer. I never had a problem with my iphone 6 but sure enough when I moved it away all is good with me making and receiving calls.

So I was recently fitted with the Audeo M90-13T and have been experiencing crackling with my Android phone as well during bluetooth phone calls, via Roger there were no issues whatsoever. I just got back from the audiologist and they checked with Phonak. We were advised to try to change the connecting hearing aid to the other side (it’s the right HA) by default and then to try with another device. I tried with an iPhone and the issue was still there. Now I have been told the HAs are faulty and that I will be issued new ones.