State Required Insurance Coverage In - FL, SD & TX

I am looking to move my legal address to either Florida, South Dakota or Texas. Both my wife and I wear HAs, so one consideration, among many, is insurance coverage for HAs. If you live in one of these states and have knowledge of what the state law requires insurers to cover, I would appreciate the info.

Illinois starts requiring insurance coverage of up to $2,500/ear every 2 years on 1/1/25. I wonder how that will affect Medigap and Medicare (Dis)Advantage.

Texas, FL, and SD are pretty much 3 different environments - climate, terrain, economy, culture. You’ll have to compare apples to monkeys. How are you going to choose between them?

Well, we will be full time RVing. The legal address is a balancing act of minimizing taxes, licensing fees, insurance etc. FL, SD & TX are generally most favored and each will suit some and not others. We will be chasing 70*, so won’t be at any place for too long.

Very cool. Thanks for the explanation. I have some wanderlust myself and hadn’t thought about any of that.

AFAIK there is no mandatory coverage requirement for hearing in Texas in my experience. However i have found a very reasonably priced Medicare Advantage plan (premium costs=$0) that includes hearing, vision, and dental; making this comparison perhaps less important than another factor: Texas has no state income tax. Might blend that into your cslculations as well. I am a resident ofTexas.

Thanks for the input. All three target states share a no state income tax attribute. What is the copay for HAs on your plan?

I am in Florida (55 years) and there is no state requirement. I think my Medigap plan covers a whopping $250 a year.

I live in Florida and there is no insurance requirement for hearing aids. There are many Medicare Advantage plans depending on the healthcare provider.
My former healthcare provider has 699 dollars co-pay for each premium hearing aid each year.
I had a new healthcare provider that offered 1999 dollars per aid per aid. I have a different healthcare provider that l picked for different reasons not related to hearing aids benefit and they offer 1250 dollars allowance toward hearing aid. If it’s over 1250 dollars, l pay the difference.
The first two healthcare provider use Truhearing network which sucks because your stuck with their private brand aids made by Signia. The latter is offered thru NationsHearing which offered more hearing aid choices and more brands to choose.
TruHearing has a high turnover of audiologists because you don’t get high quality hearing care at cheaper price.

It may not be as simple as income tax or no. Illinois has an income tax, but income from social security, most pensions and other qualified plans is exempt. Other states have income taxes but exempt retirement income.