Starkey Thrive Hearing Control 3.4.2 update

Well I installed 3.4.2 this morning. Coincidentally, there was a security update for my Samsung Galaxy S21 5G as well. No problems from either update. HAs stayed paired and connected automatically as expected.

I haven’t had much time to work with it. Auto Car mode is not returning to the ‘normal’ memory when I park the truck. Maybe I shouldn’t expect it to behave like auto streaming? Still experiencing random announcements while driving that it’s in ‘car’ memory.

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I updated couple days ago. Now have lots of recycling through restaurant and television settings. Seems like it occurs when in tight spaces.
Downloaded .2 new version today and still have problem.

I’ve had more time with Auto Car mode. It does try to return to the mode prior to going for a drive. I’ve decided to leave it turned off, and manually activate the car memory when needed. One of our vehicles has a nice quiet ride, the other is a diesel pickup and it’s noisy.

I’ve started working with the thrive assistant. There is an option to use the mic on the phone or in the HAs. I seem to be having better luck with the phone mic. Keep in mind, with either option the phone needs to be nearby.

I don’t know what happened, but all of my custom memories are gone on my phone. While riding my road bike, there was a problem, Android reported that Thrive was using something like 35% of the (power, resources, not sure I was working out) and it needed to be shutdown.

The more I use my HAs the more I like them.

The more I use Thrive, the more shortcomings I find.

This is easily the poorest performing app I use. Unfortunately there is no alternative, this really detracts from the value of Starkey Evolv AI.

It frequently overloads the phone processor. Android throws a message saying and app is over loading the processor. Typically it’s using 25 - 35% of the resource.

It loses the custom memories and they have to be recreated. Too bad the app doesn’t store the memories in the “cloud” account the app forces you to log into. Additionally, selecting a memory takes a long time, while the cursor swirls over the custom memories.

The app loses control of the hearing aids, while the Bluetooth connection is clearly still working OK. I can be streaming music, but the app might say sides different, or can’t find one side.

Car mode doesn’t switch back to original memory reliably. It also switches randomly in and out of car mode.

Remedial action given by Starkey Support results in losing custom memories. Support will walk you through how to force quite the app and delete cache and storage for the app. Fix the app so end users force to start from scratch every time the app has a fit.

Thrive Assistant doesn’t work.

I’m using a Samsung s21 5g.

My solution is using Starkey Inspire with a Noahlink wireless programmer. The Evolv AI has 5 available memories. I use it to program in memories that I expect to use in the near future. The custom memories can’t be accessed by Inspire, just FYI.

I’m looking forward to Android 13 and the additional support for HAs. I hope the Evolv AI is ready to work with Bluetooth 5.2 LE. This listing indicates BT 5.2 is a part of the spec.

This may be the circuit used by Starkey.

I upgraded to a Google Pixel 7 :grinning: