Starkey Surflink Mobile vs. Surflink Remote

Hi. Trying to gauge the difference between these two devices, as well as their costs.

Per the website it seems like the Mobile device does all kinds of things, including wireless phone calls, streaming media, and acting as an external mic for meeting and noisy places, etc. But I’m not clear on whether the Mobile device is also a basic remote control for the aids or not?

The Surflink Remote, on the other hand, appears to be just a remote.

But can anyone tell me whether the Mobile device does this as well, or whether one would potentially need to by both of these?

And can anyone share a ballpark figure of about how much each of the items might cost?

Huge thanks.

The Surflink Mobile has the same features as the remote (plus all the other stuff you mentioned). So you would not need the remote if you got the mobile.

I can get the remote for about $180 and the mobile for about $425 from my audiologist

I received my Starkey Wi i110’s yesterday along with the Surflink Mobile. The Surflink Mobile is a full remote device that controls your HA’s. It also functions as a streamer and connects with the bluetooth on your cellphone. Thus far I’m happy with itl


Thanks for the great replies so far. My Audi quoted me $700 for the Mobile, which is a good chunk more than your $425 jgirardi, so thanks for the point of reference. Sheriff John, was your price for the Mobile also closer to 4, or closer to 7?

Also…I’m wondering about how portable the Mobile device is? Any sense of the dimensions and the weight? Is it something that would be easy and comfortable enough to carry in a pocket when you go out? As a remote, it would seem I ideal if that were the case.

I have used both units and the Mobile is more reliable than the Surflink Remote and has, as mentioned, more features.

And to answer the how portable the Mobile device question. No problem for me. OK in any pocket.

Mine was supplied by the county due to work related hearing loss. My Audi indicated that he usually sells it for around $800.00 retail. The device is about the size of a small cellphone, around 2 x 4 inches. It’s thin and light and easy to carry. It comes with a lanyard and a belt clip.

My insurance company does not cover my hearing aids but they offer discounts on many non-covered medical devices through various sponsored vendors. For hearing aids and they partner with a company called HearPO and this is there standard prices. I can save up to 25%. If you have health insurance, call them and ask them if they offer discounts for non-covered devices. I know Cigna and Aetna offer such services.

if the AuD that you bought your aids from is trying to get $750/800 for the mobile I hope at least they are giving you a kiss while they are… remind them you are paying and you don’t want the price they would hose an insurance company with.

A friend of mine got his for $450 but had to wait about one year before he received it because of all the problems Starkey had with it. If your audi wants $700 for it, go elsewhere, he’s ripping you off.

I just got my “mobile” two weeks ago. My HA person charged me $400 for it. (He has an office in his home so, i’m guessing, lower overhead?) I was thinking that 400 was too much. I guess I should be happy with what I paid.

Will the Surflink remote allow you to connect to your cell phone or is it strickly just a “remote” for volume and programs?

Got the Mobile last week with my Xino. $ 550 from Audi.
Like it 50/50. To soon to tell. Don’t care for carring around two cell phones. Like the ability to change volume on just one HA at a time. Great for a beginner like me. Audi said to keep track of adjustments. Then he would readjust the programs. I Like the mute button. Able to tell the difference with and without HA’s in different situations. Should rent remote out to newbie’s so they could play with thier programs and volumes.

The Surflink Remote does not support cell phones, MP3 players, etc.

Love the wife mute buttom. Worth the $500 right there.:smiley:

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Thanks for all the great replies. For what it’s worth, my Audi is in midtown Manhattan, so I guess the mark-up there is arguably higher. Still, I’d rather save a few hundred if I can.

Since my aids are already purchased…wondering if anyone knows whether buying the Surflink Mobile alone through a third party is an option, i.e., can I buy it from Starkey directly, or maybe mail order from another Audiologist somewhere who’d sell it for a lower price? Or do they only sell them in direct connection with a pair of aids?

I guess a related question is…does the Mobile need to be programmed by the Audi as well, or can you just pair it out of the box to your aids and that’s it?

I guess a related question is…does the Mobile need to be programmed by the Audi as well, or can you just pair it out of the box to your aids and that’s it?

No programing nessasary. Just push “new sync” buttom and it will pair up.
You may be able to find a used one.

I’ve had surflink media and have really liked, but because of having to hook up individually to each device, find it cumbersome. Sound is good.

In trying out the mobile, seems like the sound going through original surflink media is not so good. Does that make any sense technically? I also don’t like that I basically have to go through a couple of steps to switch back and forth between streaming & just regular reception on hearing aids. The remote with surflink media has a one step process.

I paid $500 for the media and $800 is the charge for the mobile. After reading others’ posts, think I’m being way overcharged.

And I really don’t like that I can’t use my old remote with the surflink media. I much prefer it. I’m told that only one of the remotes can be synced with my hearing aids.

Input from other users?

I have both the Media and the Mobile. The Media is far superior in my book. although it does less, what it does it does extremely well Not so with the Mobile. I constantly lose signal, both during streaming and bluetooth. The remote is good, but I don’t have the need to use it that much. I don’t use the remote with the Media at all. When I don’t want the stream, I turn it off at the box.

Over a year later and retail coat is still less than some of you are being charged. $620 from Mayo Clininc with their 10% markup and dispensing fee. $550 from authorized Starkey reseller on Amazon.

LOL. Hilarious. Ive had mine for so many years… I’m on my 4th replacement. just bought mine for $250 on ebay.