Starkey S Series IQ

Getting ready to try out the new S Series IQ by Starkey. 71 db and no feedback. Did an ear impression yesterday/ Looking forward to it. Anyone have any insight or experience with it? It seems very promising. I have a Starkey Sequel and a backup for it but my new position at work requires a lot of presentations and teaching classes in large rooms that are difficult to hear in for me. hopefully this will fix it and even allow me to go out to crowded places and socialize with ease.

starkey is behind (way behind) the industry in terms of technology.
Lets hope they get things right and catch up. I like to see them putting
more details on how and what is their technology they seem to put
just little

They put so much info on their website

Wow. I thought Starkey was right up to date. I tried out an S Series last year and loved the feedback cancelation but was very sad by all the issues I had listening to music or playing guitar. It had a strange warble and with my guitar it seemed to want to “sing” along with it with weird high pitched noises. I am hopeful still as I was told these issues have been fixed… who is on the cutting edge in your opinion?

I am trying Starkey IQ right now and not happy with them. They are much behind my expectations.

It is only three days ,so I will give it another week and write more about them.

I still can’t understand better.

That’s why I am wearing hearing aids , to undersand what people say and not to show then that I have hearing aids.

just marketing thing… we have studied noise for 3yrs, we have unlock this…
etc etc

I started to believe that what you say is true. I thought you don’t have expereince with Starkey and that made you always hard on them. I have tired the IQ S Series for three days now and still can’t understand better. I know that my hearing loss is very bad to be corrected but still think I can make use of hearing aids .

It might be my hearing loss and not these aids , but I am not going to keep them in my ears if they will not give me what I expect from them. I see here so many people very happy with their aids,so I will be just throwing my money in the garpage if I accept this situation.

As a dispenser i would like to see more detail, It is very hard to find information on starkey products. Im sure they could work well. Most Mid price instruments do work reasonably well. But I do remember the claims they used to made, We are using now nanotecnology, etc etc. I had always ask, what does all this do for our clients and never get a straight and clear answer for them.

I acknoledge that they do make very tiny custom made instruments, Perhaps this is what they do best. Im sure the Otolens could become something good for them- provided it works well.

Fact of the matter, I had never seen something revolutionary in fact- most prof. here
would agree that siemens, phonak and oticon have very good wireless products

I’ve seen you mention this in a few posts. As a researcher who tracks the trade and peer-reviewed publications I can say that Starkey does a good job of timely information release. I’ve already seen two articles on this noise reduction algorithm:


Thanks for the links. Hearing aids are a very personal thing and will be different for all who wear them. I am looking forward to trying the S Series iQ out. I am approaching it with an open mind. I had many issues with the last few Starkey aids and returned them and stuck with my trusty Sequel and a backup for that one.

I am trying CIC S 9 IQ at the moment. My main issue is with understanding speech . Noise in the street is annoying but I don’t care. I just want to understand what people tells me.

I am not sure it is my bad hearing or he aids.

Will have to try them for a week or two before I decide to keep or return them.

Im not sure a cic is capable of fitting you 100db on the highs, no matter
what starkey says. I like to see the audi speech map that aid.

Aye, how much usable gain.

How much are these aids? I need a pair and just doing some research. Thanks in advance!

I paid $ 5000 for a pair.

I failed the speech mapping. I was told that I need time to understand speech and have to train myself.


Got my in ear IQ Series 11 last night. So far so good. Usually the first few hours with a new hearing aid are really brutal and I make a laundry list of complaints but it actually sounds really good. A few tweaks are needed. The real test will be at work today. Nice and clear. My Dad came over and made dinner and I could hear the tv perfectly without closed captioning and hear him cooking… big improvement. The third channel is a pop/rock setting that is not bad but needs a little more low end. All in all I like it. The 3350 price tag makes me cringe… ughhh… tax deduction!!

Good Luck with the new aids. Are they CIC?

I am sure Starkey makes good aids, but my bad hearing loss was difficult to be corrected.

Everyone’s hearing is different so it takes time to find the right one. I tried about 5-7 different aids from Starkey and between the Sequel model I have and the IQ and hated all of them. That is about 5 years worth of sending them back with complaints. They finally listened as this one seems to have addressed many of my issues.

i think CIC for a 95dbhl loss is not the right instrument to fit