Starkey Genesis 24 audio streaming

I have Starkey Genesis AI 24s and have been wearing them for about 3 months. The difference has been incredible. I’m 44 and these are my first hearing aids.
Here’s the issue I’m running into. I can’t seem to get Tap Control to Start/Stop audio streaming. When I double-tap, I hear the confirmation tone when I double tap, but nothing happens. Tap Control works for other options, like enabling Edge Mode or activating the Assistant, it’s just when I configure one or both sides for Audio Streaming that it doesn’t do anything. My audiologist thinks it’s set up right and said my HA’s were on the latest firmware. I talked to Starkey support and they had me switch which side controlled it, etc, but I never got it to work. Anyone else have this issue?

I could be wrong. My thought is, you are activating a connection to another device, like a remote microphone. Other examples, devices on this page

I don’t have any devices like that, so I can’t test this idea on my Evolv HAs.

You are 100% correct. I reached out to Starkey support again yesterday and this time the agent woman immediately pointed out that it’s for streaming from Starkey accessories like you stated above vs. the last guy who told me the audiologist misconfigured something.

For me, the confusion lies in the way they refer to everything as “streaming” without being more specific. So, they refer to playing audio from my phone over bluetooth the the phone as streaming and then in the feature description say to tap to start/stop streaming.

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I have Starkey Genesis 24 and can stream fine through my iPhone but it seems I cannot connect to both my iPhone and MacBook (Sonoma). One or the other. If I purchased the mini remote mic, would I be able to connect to iphone through MFI and connect the remote mic to MacBook via BT and then connect HA to mic?

I wish I knew. If you find out and it works better, let me know because I’ll probably get one then.
You say your HAs stream fine through your iPhone…do you have any issues if you put your iPhone in your back pocket? If I do that, it almost always drops bluetooth badly. If I’m in the house, it’s not as bad, but if I’m in a larger open area, it’s unusable if the phone’s in my back pocket. I heard somewhere that it’s because the Genesis AIs use Bluetooth LE and while it’s very efficient (LE = Low Energy), it doesn’t work well if there aren’t surfaces like walls to bounce the Bluetooth LE signal off of. I don’t recall where I saw that or I’d link to it.

Thanks Sommer

I never put my phone in my back pocket, but I’ll give it a try and let you know. I do notice that my right HA frequently loses the Bluetooth connection, Like a couple of times a day. I haven’t paid enough attention to determine any consistency as to Phone location or inside/outside. I’m still in the 30 day trial. And find this disconnecting to be irritating for a product that cost so much.

Daniel - ALL MFI hearing aids use Bluetooth LE. Each and every one of them will have similar issues with Bluetooth dropping.

I am a 25y hearing aid user, and have had 3 different HA with Bluetooth, including GN Resound, Signia, and Phonak, before settling on Starkeys (which are excellent, American-made, and have great service).

I had the same issues with Bluetooth strength and dropping out with all of them except Phonak, which is not MFI and uses regular Bluetooth. The Phonak lack of MFI made going back and forth between CarPlay and iPhone streaming so absolutely annoying and difficult that I gave up on them (also, battery life was inadequate and they would die mid-evening all the time; also, RogerMic didn’t suit my needs).

Anyway, the issue is with Bluetooth LE, which may get better in the coming years. Connections are worse outside, with nothing to bounce off of. The issues are similar with multiple MFI brands.


Thank you for that clarification. I knew it was BluetoothLE-related, but I did not know that all Made For Iphone/MFI devices utilized BT-LE, great info. I love everything else about my Starkey Genesis HAs. After an over the air software update a week ago, the EdgeMode program functions even better. I do wish Bluetooth LE worked better. I’ve been looking for options to improve it, even looked at building my own tiny BT repeater that could be worn around the neck to sit closer to the HAs.

a forum member reported a trick with his wide-brimmed hat he tuned, so that the hat acting as a wall and bounces the bluetooth signal back.
See here