Source for Replacement Battery Doors for SIGNIA 7PX BTE Aids?


A battery door has broken at the hinge on one of my Signia 7PX BTE aids. I contacted my normal good spares supplier and they tell me that Signia (Australia) will no longer supply battery doors and that they must be sent in for repair.

Losing an aid for what I am told will be at least a week is not possible as I cannot run my business without my HAs. As the battery door is held in place by a small pin, I do not see why I cannot get a replacement door. These were bought in USA 3 years ago so not a warranty matter.

Does anyone know where I can buy/order a battery door online?



Most times if a door breaks on a BTE or RIC, it requires that the aid be sent in because the case cannot be separated in the office to put the new one on. The pin goes literally through the door, it doesn’t just snap on like custom products.

Your Specialist or audiologist may be able to loan you an aid to use while yours is in for repair.



I’m in the UK and I can order battery doors for my Phonak Brio. They only cost £2 which I think is something like $4 or $5.

Hope you find somewhere to get them from.



Thanks Everyone. I sourced a NoahLink Wireless for my new 7NX HAs and the US supplier tells me he can get the 7px doors for me.

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