Sound recover 1 or 2 and your experiences


What do you think of Sound recover 1 or 2 if you’ve used that? Your suggestions would be helpful


Phonak user?
I don’t know why there are still both strategies available for the same HA. There is no advantage for using Soundrecover 1. With version 2 you can get the same results as by using “1” but not vice versa.
You haven’t update your profile with your audiogram so I can’t tell you if you benefit from soundrecover at all.


I have a Costco Phonak Brio 3, which has sound recover 2. I think the 2 has a lower starting threshold which COULD mean more benefit. The Brio 3 is similar to the Phonak Audeo B.

The 2 obviously is on the later hearing aids.


GI have Phonak aids with sound recover 2 on them. When it was set properly it’s made a huge difference to my word comprehension in a quiet environment. It hasn’t made the slightest difference in a noisy restaurant plain forget it, word comprehension for me is impossible.


Added my audiogram data .I wear phonak sky V sp hearing aids


Neither one (SR1 or SR2) is likely going to do much for you. They need someplace with better hearing to shift the high frequencies down to. Your loss is pretty flat. You’d need powerful aids (you’ve got them) with custom molds (I’d assume you do already)


Thanks. I have custom soft silicone earmolds .


They may, if the highs are being impacted by feedback issues. That is, his hearing loss isn’t better at lower frequencies, but the hearing aid’s ability to provide gain may be better.


Good point…


I went to my audiologist last week. She suggested me that the default soundrecover setting is the main source of my problems and changed some settings. Soundrecover 2 is set to a much weaker cut off and comfort setting , I think it’s about 4 khz. I made her add a speech in calm program without soundrecover and I’ll see if it makes any difference at work. For now, the difference is very slight. I played some high frequency sounds on the site (Online Tone Generator - generate pure tones of any frequency) . It was interesting to hear the sound around 9800 hz. I don’t know if it’s the real frequency or some artificial sound depending on the computer hardware. I just want to hear cruical sounds and speech information.


I cannot think of a reason to ever move to SR1 if you have access to SR2.

Also, theoretically, the audiologist should be verifying whether the SR is set appropriately on ear or at least in test box.


My aids have soundrecover 2 only. Strong default sr2 settings made it difficult for me to understand speech. Current settings seems a bit easier for speech.


For new users of SR2 it is always difficult to understand speech using “strong default”. But you (your brain) need time to get used to the sound and benefit from that. On the other hand you DO hear the sounds at higher frequencies without soundrecover anyway.
And of course everybody’s hearing is different.


The main reason why I use sr2 is that i want to hear more sounds not being limited to 5000 hz


I’m going to have to have SR 1 activated to see if I pick up more birds etc. I never knew my HAs only went up to 5000 htz.


Anyone else wlth experience …


I have 2, Phonak Brio 3 (Costco) and we have it set as strong as I can stand, starting at 1500hz. I tried starting at 1300 and 1100 and I get some problems with s sounds and sh sounds. At 1100 everything had an s sound to it. 1500 is very comfortable, clear, and effective for me. I can hear things I haven’t heard in a while.


I think this is something you have to try and experience for yourself. It could definitely take some trial and error. Note the significant difference between your audiogram and Don’s.


Don, your audiogram tells me that you should at least try to use different starting points for your left and right ear and then give your brain some days to get used to the (different) sounds. Of course it may be too late if you are already used to your actual adjustments.


I tried Sound Recover 1 starting at 4900htz and compressed as little as it can go.

I personally only got SR activated as I didn’t know my HAs only go to 5000htz so wanted to see if I heard more?

I’ve found I still hear better without SR, does anyone know why?