Sound quality Phonak TV connector vs Bluetooth


After 3 weeks with my new M70 312 Marvels and TV Connector I just wanted to agree word by word with GR8Dane (what a comprehensive and clear analysis!). I had the chance to test my Marvels before buying them and did it only using Bluetooth streaming, both from my Android phone and my Samsung TV. The difference having the TV Connector is so huge. Pairing works fine with just one device, but when you got two around problems start to appear. Now I only use Bluetooth to stream music or calls from my phone and always watch TV using the TV Connector. Reach is better and so is streaming quality, battery life seem also being benefited. By the way I bought it for only 145€ over my HAs price which seems very fair for me for such a sleek, small device.


Great to hear Havi!

I’m finally back and hoping to hook my up to the Denon finally.


Looking forward to hearing how you decide to do it. I think I’ve found an acceptable method for my system but won’t know for sure until Friday. I have a Pioneer wireless headphone set up in which the “controller” is currently connected using the RCA connectors from the Zone 2 output to the back of the wireless headphones controller. My custom remote has a “Headphones” button which turns on Zone 2 on the Denon and allows the wireless headphones to work without muting the TV but I can still mute it using my remote if I choose to do so. I ordered a 3.5 mm to 2 Female RCA adapter cable from Amazon (different from the one I referenced above) and my thinking is I will just unplug the RCA plugs from the back of the wireless Headphone “controller” and then plug them into the Amazon cable which will then plug into the TV Connector. Saves me having to pull out the Denon or pull out the TV and use the Optical Out connection plus my remote will do all the hard work. Then if I want to use the TV Connector with my laptop or take it on a trip, I still have the 3.5 mm cable that comes with the TV Connector. As someone mentioned above, it would be great if the TV Connector had a lithium battery but I’m wondering if it will work using a USB port from my laptop for power??


How much are the TV connectors costing people?


I’m picking mine up on Thursday from my audiologist for $279.


I bought my TV Connector at Costco for $100. This works with my Phonak Brios but not sure if it works with the Marvel’s.


My audiologist told me the new version was created specifically for the Marvels and not to buy the older version. Not sure if it wouldn’t work but if they made it for the Marvels then that’s the one I’m buying.


I tried the setup with my Denon AVR X2000. The RCA pre-out connectors for Zone 2 on this Receiver can only output either iPod/USB, Network, Tuner or analog Sources. Argh! No HDMI Input is selectable. At least I didn’t find a way.

Now I also use an analogue connection in parallel to HDMI and voilà PRE-OUT sends the desired audio to the TV-Connector.


also the Audeo B direct.


They look different (ignore slight size difference, I was cut-n-pasting). The Marvel TV connector has the markings on top;


Funny thing, I can’t find the Marvel TV connector manual in English??


The homepage states that the TV-Connector is for Audeo-M and for Audeo-B-Direct

PVC, I don’t understand what you mean that you didn’t find the manual in English. The link you posted is the Marvel TV-Connector in english, isn’t it?

I see the link refers to audeo-b. But the TV Connectors are the same hardware.


Oh, there’s the Marvel TV Connector manual, you pointed to it, not me??
Now I’m confused about why you’re confused :grinning:
I assume the following is correct;

One has switches on top (power/Vol+/Vol-) Marvel-TV-Connector Manual.

The other has no switches on top Audeo-B-TV-Connector Manual.


Around 150€ in Europe.


The new TV Connector has on/off and volume controls on top of the unit, is compatible with Dolby audio signals, and ships with an optical Toslink cable pre-attached. The original TV Connector is not Dolby-compatible and was supplied with an analog 3.5mm headphone jack cable. Both TV connectors can be used with either B-Direct or Marvel.


I picked up my new Marvel TV Connector today. Can’t believe how small and thin this thing is. So far exceeding my expectations!! Sound quality is excellent. I was able to hook it up to the RCA connectors coming out of the Zone 2 Pre Out on my Denon receiver. As I mentioned above I just disconnected the RCA male connectors from the back of my Pioneer wireless headphones controller and then plugged them into a cable I bought from Amazon for $7 which has the RCA female connectors going into the 3.5 mm male. Plugged that into the back of the TV Connector along with the power cord and it immediately connected to my Marvels without me doing anything. My custom remote already has the Pioneer Controller set up so when I push that button it turns on Zone 2 and I’m good to go. As PVC wrote I had the Audiologist set it up for “Manual With Beep” setting and when I’m in range it beeps and all I have to do is touch the toggle and I’m connected! If I leave the room and go to a different part of the house, it loses the signal and beeps and then when I’m back in range it beeps again, hit the toggle, and I’m connected. Muting the TV also works so I can listen just like having headphones connected. The only thing that didn’t work is I’m nott able to power the TV Connector directly from my laptop. It works perfectly with my laptop but it does require external power. I tried hooking it up to my USB slot on my laptop but it didn’t work. No big deal as I have USB to USB Micro cables with a plug attachment and that worked fine so I didn’t have to remove the cables from my cabinet. Best $279 I’ve spent in a long time!!



  1. Consider to use hdmi -> toslink converter to connect optical (from hdmi-out) your Denon to TV Connector. Something like this:
  2. Did you try to power TV Connector with just with powerbank?

This is my first post here, hope it helps.


Everything is working perfectly using the RCA cables. Plus this setup now allows me to use my MX-890 custom remote to power on or off the TV Connector easily and without any changes to the remote programming.


Good. Using above converter you may avoid double digital/analog audio conversion, each slightly degrading audio quality. Does not matter, once you are not an audiophile. In theory however, your RCA analog setup seems to be far from perfection.


My primary use for the TV Connector with my home stereo system is to better understand the dialogue, especially on some shows/movies where it is not very good. Yes, I could just increase the volume on my center speaker but that would detract from the 7.1 Surround Sound. Using the “splitter” function on the Marvel App I am able to hear the dialogue more clearly and reduce the overall effect to the hearing aids directly from the TV Connector and still hear all the external Surround Sound effects from my system. Perhaps as you point out, the dialogue could maybe be a little better to the Marvels, using the HDMI out connection, but in the reviews on Amazon of the link you provided 50% were very negative.


Could others test if their computer can power the TV Connector via USB? A major bummer for me – I could see myself carrying this in mobile situations wanting to use it this way (obviously with a 3.5mm jack as well). USB ports can give different power outputs on different computers, so I am curious.

@SaratogaLefty - sometimes USB ports on the same computer can deliver different power outputs - can you try a different port? Just a thought.