Sound quality Phonak TV connector vs Bluetooth


Hi, as for pairing with only the master hearing aid, l noticed something interesting this morning. Generally Phonak uses the right hearing aid as the master, and I assume that’s the case with the Connector. This morning, though, I was just wearing my left hearing aid, and when I turned the TV on it worked beautifully without the right one. I didn’t have to repair.

The only thing I don’t like about the Connector is that you have to use its button to disable it, unlike my Oticon streamer which had a button I could use to disconnect. If my wife turns the TV on and I don’t want to listen, I have to walk across the room (or from two rooms away!) to press the Connector button.

It plays a little tune when it connects (and I think when it disconnects, too). If I forget and leave the room without turning off the box or the TV, that tune drives me crazy as I walk around the house. It’s a strong signal and I can hear it just about everywhere in the house, but there are some coverage holes, so I hear a lot of hearing aid “music.”


FWIW- You can also disconnect from the TV streaming using the Phonak APP.

“TV connector” will show up in the app as a separate program in your list of programs. You simply change the program via the app and you are disconnected from the TV streaming.



Your Audi can also setup what happens when TV connector is detected; Click image to enlarge;


Keithr - you bring up some good points and some questions. So once TV connector is installed does it function 24/7? And by that I mean if someone turns on the TV while you’re nearby or in another room you will automatically start hearing TV sound/voices?

TV connector is high on my list since it’s something you don’t have to pair Marvels to (thus one less thing to connect). But if I’m in a study or room nearby family room (where TV is located) will I start receiving TV/channel broadcast through my HA’s automatically? Without warning? Certainly there must be a “distance factor” where audio breaks down and doesn’t stream to HA’s? And if I’m not in the immediate vicinity of the TV, will I still hear the so called “little tune” you mentioned if I upstairs or in basement when TV is turned on? Hopefully any HA “alert notification” is just in the room with TV versus throughout the house.


Okay, when I pick up my TV Connector I am going to have my audiologist set mine to the third option on the TV Connector. Also, I notice it has the button checked for “Automatic” on the Bluetooth Streaming activation. One thing that does annoy me is whenever I take my iPhone out of my pocket to check my emails or use one of my apps, the Marvels immediately switch into streaming mode and then when I click the phone off they switch back to whatever setting they were previously in (e.g. AutoSense). I’d like to not have them do this but only go into streaming mode when I want them to by using the Remote app. If I have the Audiologist unclick the “Automatic” button will that solve my problem?


See Phonak Target 6.0 (Page 7) Program options for direct connectivity devices.


Excellent information. I will read through and then have my audiologist make the adjustments. Thank you.


Yes, that’s exactly how it works. It’s on 24/7 unless I turn the power off to the Connector. I’m sitting here at my PC and my wife at the other end of the room turned the TV on a little while ago. I didn’t want to be distracted by the program she was watching and had a choice of either walking over to the TV and pressing the power button on the Connector or taking my hearing aids out. I did the former, and of course can still hear the TV but the volume is much lower and I can’t understand the speech.

Yes, if you’re in a nearby room and someone turns the TV on, you will hear it without warning. There is a distance factor, but it’s a pretty large distance and I can hear it just about everywhere in my house. (I’m sure it’s affected by the construction materials as well as distance.) If you’re within in range at all, you’ll hear the tune. If you can hear the program upstairs or in your basement, the tune will play and the program will start streaming.

It’s been a minor irritant to me, but if you have a big house or mobility problems, you might want to turn the box off when you leave the room if you think there’s a chance someone will turn the TV on.


After I typed my reply to you I saw pvc’s post about the TV Connector activation setting. I was completely unaware that that was available. At my next appointment I will definitely look into having my audiologist change the setting. It looks like the third option might be the one to use. From your questions, it appears that you will want to do that as well.

I’m impressed that Phonak allows for this.

  1. Phonak’s proprietary Airstream vs Bluetooth, who cares?

This depends on the codec used by the Marvels bluetooth. I find most bluetooth implementations not named APTX low latency have too much audio delay to watch TV. My understanding is airstream is low latency.


There are many low latency Bluetooth devices that are suitable for watching TV. But it looks like Phonak’s Airstream technology is also offering low battery consumption, so that in itself will be reason enough to choose the Phonak TV connector. Also, the “who cares?” terminology was used only for emphasis so it really does not mean “who cares?”.


@ Keithr - When Im talking about connecting to “master” HA (my deffiniton) - its when you connect to the phone not to the TV connector.

The TV connector D:

Uses another “low energy” connection. Phonak claims it uses less power than the “master” connection. The “low energy” connection - connects to both HA. Hope this explained it :slight_smile:


Looks quite neat and small.


@ Zebras, here is another picture


Quite easy to pack, when you go travelling.


It is very compact. It’s a shame they didn’t put a rechargeable battery in it, so you could use it on an airplane or in a car.


agree with you about that!!


So I tried an experiment using my Bose Headphones. I hooked them up to the “Phones” jack on my Denon (left side of photo below) and unfortunately it muted the external speakers. I want to be able to use the TV Connector and have the option of muting the external speakers so apparently the “Phones” connection won’t allow me to do that. Now I’m wondering if I purchase the 3.5 mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Cable (Amazon photo) will that solve my problem?? I’m thinking I hook it up to the “L-Audio-R” Aux 1 jacks and then use the other end (3.5 mm) to hook into the TV Connector?? I’m hoping that won’t mute the external speakers?? Anybody know it this will work?


Ok, I think the Aux 1 jacks on the front of the Receiver are for input. So I think there are similar jacks for output on the back of the receiver, correct? I see some for Zone 2 or Zone 3 but I’m not sure that will work??

I’m wondering if there is a way to use the “Phones” jack and somehow tell the receiver not to mute the external speakers?


Yes–my mistake. Thanks for the clarification!