SonicCloud + Apple Health Audiogram Import

So how is my audigram put in the Apple health

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I just went to the App store on my Iphone to download Apple Health. I’m not finding anything called that. What am I missing?

Health is apart of the iPhone system is there by default

Hmm. I have IOS 13.01–the last version, and don’t have any icon called that.

It is called health and it is only on the Apple iPhones, it isn’t on the iPad or ipod

Thank you, I found it. I had a second screen in a file folder that I didn’t even know I had.

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I just added my Veterans Administration health records to my Apple health on my iPhone

haha that’s awesome! I actually just wrote about that development today: The VA + Apple Health (Future Ear Daily Update 11-6-19)

Regarding your question above about audiograms - since it’s so new, it’s a bit of a placeholder, but in time, hearing care providers will be able to upload their patients’ audiograms to Apple Health for them

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Hey Dave! Funny I just came here to post this:

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