Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 (Product Information)

Does that mean you need not pair your iPhone with Ooma phone as 2 BT devices?

My Ooma Hub is hard wired with an Ethernet cable to my home router. We have no Ooma phones, just a Panasonic wireless system where the Home base for it is just plugged into the Ooma Hub with a regular phone cable jack.

My iPhone is normally just paired to my KS8 hearing aids. When I open the Ooma app on my iPhone, the audio is routed to my hearing aids like any other audio on the iPhone. There is no pairing to Ooma phones or the Ooma Hub.

There is a good test case for you. Wireless telephones are notorious for interfering with 2.4G home networks. Pull the phone base power and any battery backup and see if your problem goes away.

Can’t you just hold either button on the hearing aid to move to the next program.

Yes! This worked @Sierra pointed this out in a previous post. Thank you. I think I did not hold on to the button long enough previously.

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Thanks for the clarification.

This remote might work with KS9s. You would probably need to buy it from a dealer, so it probably isn’t inexpensive as it’s appearance and function may suggest.

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As I had mentioned earlier, a long push on the high side will disconnect the TV connector and put you back in the automatic program. Nothing wrong with a remote either, but would check with your hearing aid dispenser for suitability, and price through Costco.


I have my Noahlink on order, and my follow up from the initial fitting later this week, so if I can get myself connected up to Target, and the fitting changes make me more inclined to think I’ll stick with the KS9s (still on the fence right now), then I’m thinking of buying one of these remote controls just to see if I can link it with the KS9s through Target - If I succeed, I’ll be sure to post about it! Bob

Out of 10, what would you guys rate the KS9? I think the biggest problem for me would not understanding speech easily especially in loud environment such as cars and malls. Would you guys say that these hearing aids have an improvement with that? is there a way to make payments on KS9?

The KS9 would rate a 10 based on price, and perhaps an 8-9 on performance. The KS9 automatic program has the programs that will improve speech understanding in loud environments. Speech in noise, and speech in loud noise work quite well, and I have them as manuals. Costco accepts credit cards.


I recently got my KS9 HA and am having a problem with using the bluetooth with my Pixel 3 phone. (Android)
1-I can answer the incoming call by touching the button on the HA and start talking, during the call (all of a sudden) the person doesn’t hear me.
2-When making a call from the phone, the calls aren’t going through. I have to turn off the wireless bluetooth connection and make the call and use my phone up to my ear.
So my question is, what am I possibly doing wrong. Is there a setting that Costco has to change or am expecting to much?

You have a pretty significant high slope loss. You may be better with a high power BTE aid than the KS9. It is a good price though, and may be worth a try.

Any Recommendation of high power BTE Aids?

If you want to stay at Costco I believe they have at least a couple of different ones that may be suitable. There is the Phonak Brio 3, and the ReSound Vida. I’m not sure of the highest power level of the KS9. It could be worth a listen, and will be less expensive than the Brio and Vida.

Very interesting. My Costco specialist has been exceptionally helpful and willing to tweak various settings on my KS9s but I’m still not completely happy with the streaming quality, either for music or voice, the latest issue being a buzziness we thought was related to boosting the baseline volume but which did not go away when re lowered it. A separate issue is how relatively useless the streaming appears to be for my bad ear in terms of compensating for missing frequencies, and as a result we slightly biased the audio to the right side so I can at least use the aids for phone calls without making my audio sound like long-range subspace communication to the Rebel base.

She and I haven’t talked specifically about tinkering with the streaming voice/music programs, and I wonder if doing so could improve performance. But I already have Automatic, Music and Noise programs in my pull-down menu, so if I understand you, that’s my limit at 3. All of those are useful to me (Music was a breakthrough because I followed another user’s settings of OMNI and shutting off feedback control, to eliminate a trilling sound I was getting on very high guitar-string notes).

I’m going to add that it’s a bit annoying to see a bunch of settings like streaming voice, streaming music, acoustic phone etc. that aren’t spelled out in the Costco/KS9 user manual I downloaded.

Automatic doesn’t count for one of the three.

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Does streaming occupy a program spot on the KS9? On the KS8 which is Rexton, it does not occupy a manual program slot. The aids know enough to apply the equalization on top of whatever program you are in if there is streaming present from the phone.

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Yeah that makes sense, that would be a sensible design, not that I know for a fact the KS9 runs that way.

Major thanks to Raudrive as well.

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