Signia Pure 312 Nx vs. Pure 13 Nx


I’ve looked at a few new aids, Including the Oticon OPN and Phonak Marvel, but I like the Signia Nx Pure best. Any advice on choosing 312 vs. 13. I am leaning to the 13 for potentially better battery life. The size difference is small and unimportant, but I have read a few relatively negative reviews on the 13. Is that just a fluke? I would imagine it should pretty much be the same device. Thanks. --Steve


I just trialed the Signia NX Pure 312 for a week. I was using them as a CROS solution. I liked the OPN aids much better especially once they were programmed correctly. I didn’t think that the Signia had the richness in sound that the OPN had however they were set up so all the sound was going into my right ear. It wasn’t a fair comparison between the two aids.


Thanks for your response. Wow, our audiograms are quite different. I’m not a professional, but I’ve been living with hearing loss long enough to read an audiogram.
You seem to have pretty good hearing in your right ear and across the board loss in your left. I have moderately severe but equal high frequency loss in both ears. So far, I liked the Signia better, but it is so hard to compare. They’re both pretty comfortable and they help a good deal, although I still miss a lot of words. My own voice sounds a little better in the Signia. --Steve


If the 13s are fine size wise, they will give notably better battery life (they have about twice the capacity). I would think any differences in reviews are flukes. I’ve heard nothing to suggest there’s any real difference.


Thanks. Any experience with the Pure Nx?


I’ve trialed the charge and gos. The streaming was nice, but not drastically different than my KS7s.


No question that the Signia streaming is excellent, especially with the MFi and an iPhone. I have to upgrade my aids, so the choice is down to OPN, Marvel or Pure. --Steve


All fine aids. What kind of phone do you use and how many other devices do you want to stream from? Do you like an app with lots of control or do you basically want the aids to take care of themselves? Android would point to Marvel, although an iPhone would likely be fine if you’re not constantly switching devices (laptop, tablet, other phone, etc.) Signia likely has the strongest app, although Resound and Widex offer more control. Signia and OPN are made for iPhone so will likely be smoother with iPhone and do not allow direct streaming with Android.


I mainly stream from my iPhone, not just for phone calls but to listen to music and audiobooks. The Signias work better even than Airpods for that purpose.

The biggest problems I have had with hearing aids is my own voice and noisy situations, but I guess all of us suffer with that. The Signias seem to be pretty good with occlusion and my own voice. Restaurants remain difficult. In restaurants, I usually take out my hearing aids, sit close to one person I want to talk to and forget about the rest of it.

Our audiograms look pretty similar. You seem to have more hearing preserved than I do in the middle, but drop off more rapidly in the highs.



Are you aware that the Signia Pure 312 Nx is almost identical to the Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0? The KS 8.0 lacks the tinnitus masking that the Signia has though.


I had no idea. I thought the Pure Nx was a brand new platform. I need to ask. Thanks for bringing it up. --Steve


Yes, there’s a similarity in our audiograms. My left ear is pretty good out to 3khz which lets me get by, but everything falls off of a cliff at 4khz and beyond. I would think your left ear would be pretty “aidable” up to 6khz. And Sierra is right, Costco has the KS8 which is very similar to the Pure Nx and for a great price ($1599 a pair)


Signia and Rexton are both offshoots of Siemens which is now Sivantos. the Signia Pure 312 7Nx and Rexton 80 8C are essentially the same as the Kirkland Signature 8.0, except the KS has no tinnitus masking. Or at least that is what I have figured. I have the KS 8.0 HA’s on order from Costco.

Kirkland Signature 8.0 Data Sheet

Signia Pure 312 7Nx Data Sheet

And the Rexton data sheet:

D00172434_D00172434_07_1440298113.pdf (696.4 KB)


I used to have the old BX with 312. I tried rechargeable and they would not make a 19 hour day, so I used plain zinc air. These went for about 3 days. When I bought the NX I switched to 13. I now get about a week. I have not gone back to rechargeable. Go with the 13.


To get back to your original question, as far as I can see on a quick comparison between the 13 size battery and 312 size, the only difference is in the battery life, and of course the physical size to accommodate the battery. I believe the Costco Kirkland 8.0 model can be ordered in either version. I suspect typically the 312 is used for those who have lower hearing loss and as a result lower current draw, while the 13 is used for the higher powered receivers needed for those with more loss. And vanity based on the size may play into it too. I also recall seeing somewhere that HA’s with the larger battery may be more suited to those who are older and may not have the hand/finger dexterity to handle the smaller 312 batteries. The two models seem to come in all the power versions. See links below.

Pure 312 Nx

Pure 13 Nx


Hi, Simring. I’ve had the Signia 7Nx Pure 312 for about a year now. There’s a lot I like about them, including the excellent streaming. I had trialed Resound Linx 3D and Phonak B Direct before the Signia. I didn’t care for the sound quality of the Resound, and the Phonak streaming was problematic for me. I actually finally gave up my beloved Android for iPhone to take advantage of Signia’s streaming. Yes, the battery life is not great, but I prefer the smaller size of the 312s.
My only regret is that for a variety of reasons, I wasn’t able to trial the only other aid I was interested in—Opn 1. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with the Signia—even thought I know that I still need more programming adjustments.


Thanks, Sydney. I tried most of these and the OPN, and and I still liked the Signia best. The sound is good and the streaming is even better. Based on the advice I received in these postings, I think I’ll go for the 13 battery and coil. It’s a little larger than the 312, but still quite small.
Do you get much useful hearing above 2000K? My audiogram is still a little better in that range than yours, but I am losing high frequency hearing pretty rapidly. --Steve


To add a little complication, would anyone consider the rechargeable Signia? --Steve


I’m not sure how to answer re: above 2000K. I’d say probably, yes, in my right. But not the left, which is horrendous—although we’re still working on that.

Glad to know you preferred the Signia over the Opn. And, yes, I’d certainly consider the rechargeable. Batteries can be a pain, especially replacing about every four days with the 312s.


I have the pure nx7 312. I did have a glitch with Bluetooth on the right side. It’s been over a week and the problem seems to have healed itself. I do self programming and after coming from Starkey Xinos, the difference was quite pleasurable and a noticeable upgrade. I’m still fine tuning the aids. Noisy restaurant use is acceptable if I use the iPhone app and narrow the beam. My hearing is rather challenging with a steep drop off going into the higher frequencies. I use the insitugram for my set up. It’s given me better results than entering the audiogram. Overall I’m quite pleased. Complaints are some excessive feedback at times and buzzing around one set of flourecent lights at work. I’m going to try semi open domes next week.