Signia Pure 13 BT -- recurrent problems?

First of all, a big thank you to all the contributors to this forum that make it a very valuable source of information, and best wishes for this new year.

I’ve been wearing Siemens HAs for the last 10 or 12 years… After this past summer I upgraded my third generation, to the Signia Pure 13BT HAs.
Now my audiologist is about to change my Signia Pure 13BT hearing aids for the second time and upgrade them to Signia Pure NX hearing aids.
With the Pure 13BT HAs, I had recurrent problems that we couldn’t solve. At home and with my iPhone they work wonderfully, but in “social” situations or in the classroom (I teach adults) suddenly one of the HAs would stop working. I’d have to take it out, open the battery compartment and put it in my pocket for about 15 minutes and then usually it would work again for the rest of the day. In November it happened in the street next door to my audiologist so I went in and could let their technician try to troubleshoot the problem, but to no avail… the connections were fine, the receivers were fine, there was no moisture, the batteries were almost at 100%, but for a little under 30 minutes the HA was AWOL !
A second recurrent problem I’m experiencing is less serious but the Signia iPhone app “myControl” doesn’t keep track of my HAs being on… It’ll register that I’m wearing them for two one-hour periods one day and then nothing for several days!
My audiologist is very responsive and concerned. The HAs are under guarantee. He sent the first pair back to Siemens and gave me a new pair, now this second pair is also going back and he’s offering me a (free) upgrade to the new NX model (which has just gone on sale here in France). Hopefully, this third pair will be fine and my problems will be over… I should have the new ones next week.

I’m curious if anyone else has had this sort of problem? Is it a fluke? But two pairs in a row?
When they work the Signia Pure 13 BT HAs are great! That makes it all the more of a problem when suddenly one is missing in action!

It’s grey and rainy and many parts of France are suffering from floods!
all the best from a rainy France…

I have Signia Pure 13BT. The first pair I had were very flaky. Phone calls would watch from one ear to the others or not connect to iphonecat all. My audiologist turnedcthosevin and ordered me a new pair. They worked good and every so often - more than not - I’d have to re-connect to BT. I was ready to turn these back in also. When IOS 11 came out and whatever upgrades they did to myControl app for the new NX HAs All was good on my world. I’m very happy w/ these now. They are meeting my needs especially phone and restuarants. I love streaming music and the TV streamer is great. If I’ve streamed music sometimes I have to reconnect to get the TV to connect but not too often. I’m happy. Good luck w/ the NXs. Come back and let us know.

This is a common siemens/signia problem and has to do with the programming. My first two sets both did this although the orions were much worse than the pure caret. Probably the main reason I’m trialing resound forte 8 right now. See this thread from 1 year ago.

It took many trips snc phone calls to resolve.

The jurys still out if I am keeping fortes.