Tree 42 HA fails after loud noise... weird situation need advice

Here’s my problem. I have had my trex 42’s one year this coming February. In Sept I had some adjustments made to my HA program. Then shortly after my left HA would fail once in a while, stay low in volume for 30-60 minutes then just come back on. we swapped out receiver for new one, it failed once in a while still, so we shipped my HA back to Rexton for replacement. During the time it was getting replaced they gave me a loaner set of trex 42’s. They programmed it coping my original settings. The left HA unit failed in the exact same way. When I got the replacement unit back it came with a new receiver too. so everything has been replaced, yet within a couple days the left HA failed. It doesn’t shut off completely but drops volume so low it appears to be off. The only thing common in these three failed units is the program they installed for my hearing levels, so how can three completely different sets of HA fail exactly the same way? Has anyon else experience anything like this? Is it possible the program is causing HA to shut down to save from loud noises? It shuts down whenever wind makes a lot of noise in HA, or if I make a lot of noise (cough or sneeze). Well any idea?

You might see if Costco would pressure them to replace them with the newer model KS7. I believe that is an updated Trax 42.

Any chance it could be something going on with your ear instead of your hearing aid? I’m not doubting you, but it’s the general approach I use with problem solving–If I’ve tried multiple times and keep getting the same results, consider looking elsewhere for the solution. And to clarify, does the hearing aid “fail,” or does it stop working intermittently? Ken’s idea is an interesting one. Costco still sells the Trax 42 according to their web page. When I bought my KS7s the Costco HAS said they weren’t selling any as the KS7s were a better deal.

Not trying to sound jaded … but did you check the serial number on all three failed aids? If they were all different, it does sound odd, that the left aid would continue to fail in the same way, with loss of volume temporarily. Is there any other device in your home (phone, headset, etc.,) that you hold up to THAT ear, but not the right one? Maybe this is a multi-factorial situation … Let us know your resolution! It would be nice if Costco just replaced the aids with a newer model, considering what you’ve been put through.

I have a similar situation with new K7s. A quick loud sharp noise will shut down the ha closer to the sound. Sometimes it will come back on, sometimes I have to turn it off and then back on. They replaced the mike wire in one of them but the problem persists. Kind of like a circuit breaker for overload protection. I posted this problem in the general ha forum also.

I have had many problems with 2 different pairs of the size 13 trax 42s. One acted just like yours where a semi loud noise would shut down the aid. Shortly after that started it would make a clicking sound that would speed up and then the aid would shut down for a long time. I was told that one had a bad chip. Another one had a similar issue where the volume would drop off if it was exposed to moisture. A humid bathroom, humid weather, wet hair, and sweat would trigger it. Costco gave me some socks that helped and I also switched to rechargeables with the dryer / charger that worked until the charger burned up the batteries and aids. I finally got a good pair that has no problems and know how frustrating defective aids can be.

the moisture issue is one I haven’t addressed. I switched from the Kirkland K5, which came with the battery charger/dryer, to the K7. I’m ging to ask the Costco HAS ifthendryer wi work with the newer model, if both are made by Rexton and use the same batteries.

OP, next time it happens switch receivers between aids. Does the problem follow the receiver or the aid?

The Rexton dryer only works with rechargeable batteries. It will not dry without charging the batteries first, so the only way to try it is to switch batteries also.

KS5 is the Costco version of the Resound Verso, KS7 is the Costco version of the Siemans 7BX (or Trax42 with updated processor). I believe both have some features removed such as tinnitus feature.

I have the rechargeable batteries that came with the K5. They are the same size/voltage as the K7 uses. I’m just scared that I might fry the K7s.

My understanding is that the issue is location of the charging contacts. I doubt they would line up.

if i can find a teck support #, I’ll try to find an ansewr.

Even using the proper charger cooked the batteries and burned up my pair of trax 42 size 13’s.

I had a similar problem with my siemens orion ric aids last year. Actually started a couple of weeks after the trial period, of course. I went back several times and sent back once and they sent brand new ones. Still cut out with a loud noise and sometimes would not come back on even taking battery out for half an hour. Once the problem started it would happen even with the slightest sound. A cough. sneeze car door, dog bark.Even left them out overnight and still no volume. I hated getting a glass out of the cupboard because the slightest tap of it would set them off.

My audiologist finally ask tech support to look into it and they said they didn’t like some of the settings she had made in the program and made recommendations. After following these it has only happened once for a few minutes because of a loud noise but returned to normal quickly. Ask to get a rep involved, they probably will look at the program and change it.

I think it is a Siemens ( Rexton, Sivantos Trex42 etc. ) problem. It happened about a year ago, but I can’t remember what she did.

I received new Trex42’s from Costco and yet I have the same problem as with my original Traex 42’s I am seeing Rexton Tech Specialist this Friday, will let you all know what he says. My left HA is the one that fails - usually after a louder high pitched noise such as: I referee soccer end of game three blows on my whistle and third one took it out for about 40 minutes. My sister has small doxies, one howled in high pitch near me and took left out for about 30 minutes. I live near MCAS Miramar air base, a jet hit after burners while I was working in garden, that took out left HA for about 25 minutes. Costco has replaced Hearing Aids, Receivers, everything - yet the problem comes up once every day or two at best. Tried shifting the levels on compression - that seems to help a little bit, but with the newest HA and Receivers (received last week) we decided to start all over and use just the basic setup based on my hearing tests. the above incidents happened within the last week all under the new units. So Rexton Tech coming out Friday to check it out. I’ll report back to you.


I would pressure Costco to move you to the ks7’s… They have had more than ample time to resolve the problem. If you get no joy with the AuD go up to the dept manager and then the store manager.