Siemens EasyTek issues

I’ve been having an interesting go-round with my audi lately, and I would like to know if anyone is having similar issues. I say that Siemens EasyTek technology isn’t up to the task, he is determined to get to the root of the problem.

The situation goes like this:

Every day I call my wife and chat with her on the way home from work. As I approach a stop sign, I look both ways for traffic. When I turn my head to the left, the right hearing aid switches to program 1 and beeps once. As I turn my head back, the aid switches back to the Bluetooth program, program 4, and beeps 4 times. As I complete the head turn all the way to the right, the left aid switches to program 1, with one beep. The as I look forward again, it switches back to program 4.

Once I arrive home, I begin the process of gathering my things from their various places within my car, and exiting the vehicle. This apparently produces a lot of head movement because the aids are beeping incessantly. It’s gotten to the point that as I pull in the driveway, I tell my wife “I’m home,” and hang up.

The drive home is when this problem is most prominent, and I normally don’t talk to anyone else when driving. Most other phone calls are made sitting in my easy chair, so I am typically sitting rather still, but I have noticed it happening on occasion. Once I was discussing my yard with someone, and as I looked around the yard, it was extremely bothersome.

So my audi gave me a different set of aids to try, and the same thing happened. Today he replaced my EasyTek, but I think he forgets that this is my third EasyTek. He tried to blame my phone at one point, but this is my second phone since getting the aids. He says he will definitely fix this, I say it can’t be fixed.

He claims none of his other customers deal with this issue, so I wanted to get a feel for how many people on this forum experience these sorts of problems.

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Throw it away…

2 sets of aids and 3 easytek…

Obviously an environmental or user problems!

You aren’t the only one who has described the problem. One of them humorously said that it must be his fat head blocking the signal. The device works using magnetic resonance rather than radio waves and is well aged technology that’s behind the current offerings from others.

Well, that would actually be a step backwards, since then I would have no hands free solution at all. I think I’ll choose the annoyance over that.

Thanks for your input though.

I’ve frequently blamed my thick skull.

The magnetic resonance information is useful, I’ll keep that in mind.

I was hoping to get feedback from others experiencing the same thing.

I’ve pretty much decided that when my insurance comes due again I’m switching brands.

Just got my EasyTek yesterday. It beeps constantly. it seems to be connecting and disconnecting. I have Android phone (S8+).
The blue light comes on for no reason while it is beeping. It also won’t pair with my TV streamer. (My old Soundgate had 2 bluetooth channels) beep, pause blue light di do di do, then it does it all over again.

I’d encourage you to review the instructions. There’s a different technique for pairing with standard bluetooth devices vs the Siemens/Signia devices. Let us know how it goes.

Comparing my new Easy Tek to my Soundgate. Soundgate has twice the range, has separate channels for my TV streamer and Media from my phone (which may explain why I am unable to pair the EasyTek).
While using EssyTek, I have to turn off notifications for ALL apps on my Galaxy S8+ to stop the incessant beeping. (I tried muting them one by one, but that didn’t work)
Never a problem with Soundgate beeping at me.

Which brand was the Soundgate used with, and why did you switch?

OK, I figured out that Soundgate is a Bernafon device. What kind of TV streamer do you have? A Siemens/Signia one, or a generic one? The techniques for pairing are different depending on what type of streamer you have. The blue light usually indicates it’s trying to make a connection. Yes, it’s a routine complaint that smart phone notifications make noises with most streaming devices/ bluetooth hearing aids. Don’t know how Bernafon avoided it.

I’m close to giving up on Easy Tek. It seems to go to sleep when not actively in use. The range is terrible. I have to take the phone with me and still miss calls because Easy Tek disconnected. I had to set the Easy Tek to connect to phone but not media - that solved most of the incessant beeping. if I connect it to media and listen to something (or am on the phone) it doesn’t beep much. I think it is connecting and disconnecting when idle - hence the beeps. I just disconnected BEEP I’m back and on program 2 BEEP pause BEEP BEEP.
I may return them and try a different brand although the hearing aids are really great. As long as it isn’t beeping, I understand much better. What to do. …

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Really hard to sort out what is going on. Range claims to be 33 feet. Mine is more like 40 feet plus. If instruction manual isn’t helping, do you have a provider you can go to check things out?

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The 33 foot range is for the Bluetooth to the phone. I think the problem is really the connection from the EasyTek to the aids. That range seems to be about 3-4 inches. Things like skull, hair, cloth, or air may interfere with this range.

OK, got you. Mine sits on my chest and I’ve never had a problem. I use for streaming from TV transmitter and occasionally remote microphone.

Soundgate with Costco Bernafon. Changed insurance and can’t use Costco. Costco is looking into using the 2nd mike to make them directional. Haven’t heard back yet.
I understand speech much better with the new Signia aids, but Easy Tek is useless compared to Soundgate.

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Hi, You seem to know something about Easytek. After I was recommended to RESET
Mine flashes green and will not pair. I believe there must be a software solution to get it functional but I am unable to find it.
My local service sells Easytek but knows.
nothing about them.
I acquired my unit from a private party and have no warrabty.

Do you have access to the instructions? If I remember correctly the only software part is to set the hearing aids up to be able to use the Easytek. You also need to download an app onto your phone.
Google should be able to help you find the app. If no luck, tell us exactly what you’ve done and where you get hung up. Good luck!

i thought that I had sent you a reply. I will summarize here…
i have the app from Signa
I tried to pair the Easytek with a Tek transmitter. the pairing failed.
Iasked Signa for asst. They recommended resetting both units,
After that the Easy teck will only flash green and if I hold a + or- at thge same time, the blue LED will come on. no other results. I do not understand why the Easytek would destruct with a RESET.
Please tell me where to look for your reply
Thanks for your patience

Sorry, I don’t have enough knowledge to help with so little info. Have you tried calling Signia again? Does your phone app communicate with the easytek? Basically I suggest calling Signia. They should be able to lead you through it step by step. I can’t.

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately Signa is no longer responding to my email.
Their last msg to me was that if Easytek only flashes green, it will no longer function!