Siemens easyTek battery repair

Symptoms show battery in EasyTek 2 not holding a charge. Tried other charging cord and cable but did not help. User manual says it contains a rechargable battery that can be replaced by a qualified technician using special tools. Local Signia dealers here in Tucson say they cannot rdo any repairs and i need to buy a new one Where can i get that service performed. I am willing to mail it in for sevice.

Do you have a Battery’s Plus or other place in town that specializes in batteries and cellphone repair? They might give it a shot.

I wonder if Lloyd’s would do it?

Have you found a solution?

I have a Smart Connexx / Easy Tek audio streamer and I got the same answer w.r.t. replacing the battery. Has anyone found a fix other than replacement of the streamer? I am ready to break it open somehow and see what kind of battery is inside.

You can get them pretty easily from ebay, it’s a standard 3.7v 150mha. Not sure on the size exactly but, something like these should work fine.

Thank-you so much. How did you open your Connexx?

Actually its quite easy, just pop the back cover off and this will expose 4 x screws.
As a side note you’ll need to keep the circuit board and 3pin plug,so you can use it on the new one, as I couldn’t find a 3pin small enough to fit.

Great subject as there’s not much information online regarding this…

The battery inside the EasyTek unit is a 3 core (purple/red, black and white) and can only find the batteries with 2 core (red and black).

Whats the 3rd cable for?