Should I switch to 85 receiver from 60 based on latest audiogram?

HI! I just got a new hearing test on July 22 with the last test prior being in January 2020. Low and mid frequencies stayed the same, but I lost 20 decibels @ 6000 and 8000. Depressing! Anyways, I was wondering if my 60 receiver on my Oticon More mini rites will no longer fit my loss and I need to go up to 85? I have very small, sensitive canals, so I would hate to have a larger, more squarish receiver unless it would real improve my hearing.Thank you!

I have both 85’s and 100’s and there is no detectable difference to me, even after adjustments. The more powerful receivers are noticeably larger, both in sight and feel, imho

Going to 85dB is a good idea, gives you more headroom for future loss, a little bit of difference in battery consumption and harmonic distortion, but you’ll hardly going to notice it, the 60dB no longer cover your loss in the higher frequencies anyway, as for the size difference only you’ll know for sure, but again there’s hardly any that you’ll notice.

The 100dB is a big difference from the 60dB for sure, not much between 60 and 85 tho, for the OP, I’m thinking if you can get the dome in there, then the receiver will fit.

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Do you think I would hear voices and consonants clearer with 85 vs 60? Thanks!

Honestly only you’ll know that for sure, the programming will need to be redone by your audiologist clinic anyway, so you’ll need to test this once that’s been done.


I don’t have More aids but I think the same receivers are used in my OPN S 1 aids. I had a one sore ear canal for about a week when I was moved from 60 to 85 receivers even with 10 mm bass domes with two small vents. I did notice the size difference for a while but I haven’t had an issue since. I think I have a slight improvement in understanding with the more powerful receivers.

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Looking at your audiogram my thoughts are the 85 db receivers will not benefit you in speech. If you are a music lover the higher frequencies might benefit your music.

What has your fitter told you?


Yes the More and OPNS aids use the same receivers. I went from 85db to 105 DB receivers and it made the difference that I needed for word recognition. Now I never have feedback, I can understand speech in noisy environments, and I greatly appreciate my life and being around people and going to meetings and lectures. Believe it or not I can ride my Vespa scooter and drive my vehicles with the windows down, no wind noise, now there is noise enough that I would have to turn up the volume on the radio to listen to it but that isn’t even an issue. At least for me the difference in receivers made a huge difference.

Unfortunately volume is not the only thing that determines speech comprehension

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No it isn’t but for me it wasn’t the volume that helped it was the extra overhead before the aids started compression that was the key, and not reaching the point of feedback.

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I don’t know if you really need it but the only real way to answer your question is try it and see

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