Should I get an easyTek for my Siemens Pure 7bx?

I have Siemens Pure BX 7 RIC. I like to watch movies on my computer that I have attached to large screen TV. To hear the movie I use earbuds without hearing aids. This is a problem because I can not understand all the dialog. Melodrama makes understanding the dialog much worse.

Should I get an easyTek so i can wear my hearing aids while watching movies? I’m thinking I could put a Bluetooth card in my computer. How well does the easyTek work? …or is it better to upgrade to hearing aid that have integrated Bluetooth? I’m currently happy with my current hearing aids so I’d prefer not to buy another pair.

Another option would be to get headphones that cover the ears while wearing my hearing aids?

What do you guys think? Is an easyTek worth it. What has been your experience with easyTek?

I’ve tried the equivalent of an EasyTek (Rexton’s version). It worked well for a few months and then developed a lot of static so I returned it. I’ve heard of others having reliability issues also. My take is that the Signia BX are on the old side. If you can afford it, I’d get new aids and a device that streams from the TV. If not, the EasyTek and a TV streamer will work, but budget for having to replace them. I don’t think a bluetooth card in your computer is going to get you anything with an EasyTek. (A TV streamer would)

I had an EasyTek when trialing a pair of Signia aids a few years back. The streaming kept disconnecting in the middle of phone calls. I returned both aids and EasyTek at the end of my trial.

Ask your Aud to let you have a trial, especially if your in need of extra help with phone calls etc.

I too had Easy Tek. It was OK, but not great. I never seemed to have it when needed or the battery was dead. I now have newer aids with a clip. Some improvement, but same issues. Do you have it and are the batteries charged.

I have a good set of noise cancelling head phones that go over the ears. I do have to turn the hearing aids down a little to solve feedback, but the sound is good and the background noise just goes away. Mine are wired, but wireless is available.

Here’s a link to my EasyTek experience:

elminero … I have had Signia Pure 7pxM HA’s with an EasyTek since March of 2017 and it’s been a love/hate relationship with the EasyTek ever since.

I wear both my HA’s and EasyTek all the time except when sleeping and the EasyTek stays charged the whole day and I recharge it at night. The thing I love about them is my ability to listen to radio or Podcasts while I’m working (I’m retired but stay very busy with other activities), and making and listening to phone calls. These are all crystal clean for me and great.

The thing I hate about them is almost always after I end a radio or Podcast or hang up the phone the Bluetooth connection turns off but it doesn’t let me know it’s off. So if after stopping one of these activities, I try to start another one, the EasyTek doesn’t work unless I go to the Bluetooth settings on my phone (a Samsung S7), tell the EasyTek to disconnect and then reconnect. BTW my phone still shows the EasyTek as being connected but I’ve got to stop that and reconnect and of course this is a pain.

The EasyTek has also died twice and I returned it and it was either repaired or they gave me a new one at no charge (compliments of VA).

I also like to listen to TV via a Signa TV Transmitter that is hooked to the output of TV and it transmits to the EasyTek and that helps a lot since my wife doesn’t need to endure me turning the TV up anymore … I can set it to my own volume level via the EasyTek or HA buttons. Hope this helps.

The bottom line for me is unless I could get something better that wouldn’t keep disconnecting, I’ll keep the EasyTek as long as I can. John

Thank you everyone for your input. I will certainly NOT buy an EasyTek. I’m thinking a high quality pair of stereo headphones would be a better investment. The Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling On-Ear Headphones comes with sound equalizing software. I might give them a try.

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elminero … thanks for feedback on your choice and I hope they work out for you. If you haven’t actually tired a set I would definitely try to do that first before you buy them or make sure you can return them if they don’t work out. John