Serious connectivity problems, Oticon More trial

I am trying out Oticon More. The hearing aids directly connect via Bluetooth to my Samsung Galaxy Note9. They also connect via the ConnectClip. I have had repeated problems with people not hearing me when I’ve used the ConnectClip. Not only that, one or the other hearing aid will suddenly not be connected and I’m hearing with just one ear. Also, the hearing aids will reboot themselves at random. I re-paired everything, and kept trying. Then I decided, What if I unpair the hearing aids from the phone and keep ConnectClip. This didn’t help. Then I tried un-pairing the ConnectClip and having the hearing aids only connected to the phone. I still get rebooting, plus I prefer to be hands-free.
I just cannot stand interrupting my phone calls to deal with assorted issues and involving the other party with my hearing technology.
My phone is not among the phones that Oticon lists as capable of direct connection to the aids. FWIW.
I had just about decided that it was the ConnectClip that was faulty, but then found the aids themselves would reboot when ConnectClip was taken out of the loop.
I have thought about changing to an iPhone, but wonder whether I might have faulty aids or a faulty ConnectClip, or both. I have an appointment early Tuesday with the hearing aid provider, and have tried to impress on her ahead of time that I want to try the latest Widexes. (That’s what my existing aids are.)
Any insights are appreciated.

I had similar problems with the More 1 and 2 back in my Jan/Feb trial. I had the More Firmware updated twice during that time and it may have been updated further since then . Similarly, Samsung had updated the Android 11 OS at least twice. I had talked to senior support staff at Oticon and Samsung. They both independently assured me that they were aware of the problem with Bluetooth stability and were “working on it”. They both said it “would be fixed with the next update “.

They may have now fixed it between them. Please make sure your Audi updates the More firmware and you apply the latest Android patches.

I was a satisfied OPN 1 user but this made me change to Phonak Paradise 90R and I honestly have not regretted it. YMMV.

I have only experienced one connectivity issue since taking delivery of my Oticon Mores on March 2.

The issue was resolved by forgetting both the ConnectClip and the HAs and repairing them in the following sequence:

  1. Re-pair the HAs with ConnectClip
  2. Then, re-pair ConnectClip to the phone.

Initially, I used the reverse pairing sequence, which failed to resolve the connectivity issue.

Since using the correct sequence, my connections have been solid and free of static/crackles.



SpudGunner, I will try this. Hooby, my phone is up to date. I will have the audi see about updating the aids and the ConnectClip. I am glad to have your comment and the link to the thread, which I will bring as evidence.
I considering whether I should change to an iPhone, but there are lots of factors…
I’d be interested in knowing whether there are such connectivity problems with iPhones. For now I’m wearing my Widexes because I have some important calls over the next few days.

I’m having similar BT issues with my trial with Phonak Paradise 90Rs and I’m using an iPhone. They are almost unusable for phone calls particularly outdoors. The connectivity with my NHS oticon engage BT is seamless but maybe that’s because it’s using the MFI protocol.

I have Rock solid Bluetooth connection to my iPhone X, and my iPad, with Naida Paradise UP, they are much improved on the Marvels which could have the odd blip… Cheers Kev :wink:

I did what SpudGunner suggested, but still experienced problems. I had only one reboot, but several times one hearing aid lost connection with the Oticon On app, so I think it shut down without rebooting. I will be turning these in tomorrow, to try the new Widexes. I did check out whether I could switch from Android to iPhone to see if there is a difference and if not whether I could switch back. With TMobile, there would be a restocking fee, but it can be done.

Well … it’s too bad for our tribe to lose a potential Oticonian to the Widexians, but the main thing is to try as many required to give satisfactory results.

Best of luck to you!

I have the OPNS1 aids and iPhone there are times the app losses connection to the aids but the aids are still connected to the iPhone and works normally, and I can control the aids from the iPhone control panel.

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@cvkemp: My Mores behave that way, too, Chuck. The app will drop the HA connection, but that’s never happened with the phone except once, when I had my remote control and ConnectClip paired wrong.

I am not ruling out the More aids. Not yet anyway. Just want to try the others.

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While I love Oticon aids and have been wearing Oticon for 11+ years, I would say you should try every possibility. I have but keep coming back to Oticon because I love the Oticon sound, it isn’t for everyone, though.

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@decklife: If your experience with Oticon More turns out anything like mine, I think you’ll be a happy camper.

Even little old More3s are perfectly respectable instruments, IMO.


I like the way the More aids sound, and I think my understanding of speech is better. But I have to have reliable connectivity for phone calls, and I prefer hands-free.

@decklife: Honestly, I’ve had very good results with my Mores, ConnectClip, and iPhone SE 2. I’ve never owned an android phone, so I can’t do a comparison for you.:frowning:

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My wife loves the Galaxy Note 20. I have the iPhone SE2020 and really like it. As for as hands free my phone is either on the stand by my chair or bed or n my shirt pocket with the mic up to my face. I have no issues with taking and making calls. But I also have the Apple Watch so I can see who so calling. But I do have to answer the call from my phone. But I am retired so I don’t have the same pressures own me to be on top of every call. I also don’t answer unknown calls, I figure if it is important they will leave a message.

@cvkemp: This has been my experience, also, Chuck.

I picked up the Widex Moment aids yesterday. They’re ok. After hearing with Oticon More, I find them underwhelming. The audi is ordering a new set of the Mores and a new ConnectClip as well. I may well switch to iPhone. The Mores are not connecting directly to my aids. Also the Com-Dex still has a lag issue with the computer.

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@decklife: If, indeed, you opt for Oticon Mores, I’m pretty sure that the Grand Otic will initiate you, officially, into the Tribe of the Oticonians

(Edited Motto: Watch yourselves! - we heard that!) (Latin: Cavete vobis audivimus)

[Seriously, I wish you great success in finding hearing instruments that work for you.]

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Great motto!! Thanks