Serial numbers on Phonak products


I bought a Phonak Roger 10 off eBay. The serial number doesn’t seem to work when I put it into the Target software.

When I put my Roger 10 that I currently have, it comes up with the warranty details.

I looked with a light and a magnifier. I’ve definitely got it right.

What do you think has happened?

I’m going to get my money back but just curious as to why a serial number won’t work.



It could be a stolen, lost, demo or counterfeit item. Contact Phonak with the serial number but don’t tell them you brought it off eBay.
One possibility for them not coming back with a serial number match is they could have been sold in Europe originally.

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I’m hoping it still works and I can just use it.
I know I won’t be able to send it in for repair.
The seller has offered to give me my money back and he doesn’t want me to send it back either.
I bought it from the USA and I live in the UK.