Sennheiser All-Day Clear

Sonova has just released OTC, this should be popular with phonak being a big player in the market.

Sennheiser All-Day Clear, a new self-fitting hearing aid which provides consumers with the simplicity of an over-the-counter (OTC) purchase, alongside optional support from a hearing care professional HCP.

From Sonova.

"Martin Grieder, Group Vice President Consumer Hearing at Sonova, adds: “We are now very well placed to meet the needs of modern, tech-savvy consumers, thanks to the broad range of medical and consumer distribution channels across Sonova, as well as a growing range of hearing solutions under the Sennheiser brand. With Sennheiser All-Day Clear, we bring consumers ready-to-wear hearing aids with clear, vibrant sound and seamless optimization of dialogue, alongside self-fitting features which can be customized from the comfort of their smartphone and an upgrade option for further support by a HCP.”


Obviously these will also be for mild to moderate losses, right?

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Yeah that seems to be the intended target, OTC regulation I’m afraid, the thing is i believe a few companies will push the boundaries on this tho.

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Karl’s write up:

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No idea what you mean.

Oh I just thought because you’d already done a write up on it that this wasn’t necessary to post.

Oh, it’s ok. No problem. Just sharing our article here for discussion.

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As a long term user of Sennheiser professional studio headphones, this style looks promising to me maybe worth a trial, although I remain skeptical about their capability.
I don’t like the occlusion effect of OTCs
, which I feel most mfgs overlooked.

I still don’t see them advertised on their hearing site. ??

My Bernafon Juna pico 9’s have malfunctioned, mainly because of my wearing them without sweat guards while playing baseball in Florida.
Dumb a$$ me.

These served me well for 6 yrs playing / recording music, although not so great for speech in noise. Now I have to start all over.
I’m limiting my search to Costco for cost/free maintenance and warranty extension.

Here is the Sennheiser website about All-Day Clear hearing aids (US only): Sennheiser All-Day Clear Hearing Aids

There are 2 styles: All-Day Clear and All-Day Clear Slim. Both have vented ear tips to reduce the occlusion effect.

Yeah the spec’s are similar, not much difference at all between those two models, including the fitting range, I guess it’ll be a cosmetic thing in the end for what one choses.

Just FYI, these have nothing from Sennheiser’s tech in them. They were developed long before Phonak bought them out. It’s just branding.

Yes absolutely correct, in fact looking at the graph and colour tone, it’s all Phonaks twin --Unitron.

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Yep. Previously released in 2021 outside of the US by Sonova/Unitron as the HelloGO:

Nothing new of course. Signia appears to have done a similar thing with the Sony OTC aid.

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I tried the Sony CIC OTC HA’s as my first entry into hearing aids. They had a significant occlusion effect that I could not get used to. I had tried them because never having worn hearing aids I wanted the most discrete solution I could find. Now, after much research to learn about HA’s, I did purchase the Sennheiser All Day Clear (not the slim; it is a style-only difference and the slim is made to show) and I do not get the occlusion effect of the Sony’s. I like these much better than the Sony’s, but I am now planning to get prescription HA’s to get a better match to my audiogram that the OTC’s can achieve.

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They’ve dropped the price on these a lot. I bought them when they first came out for $1400, but returned them because I realized I could get better and more customizable used Phonaks on ebay for not much more. Now they’re down to $1000. At that price, I might have kept them, though I’m still very glad I upgraded.

Anyoe use the care package if purchasing online first? Just curious how it works to visit a provider.

I did not. Honestly, I can’t imagine a provider could do much here, unless they have programming software that will talk to these things beyond what’s available in the app. Maybe they do. Phonak’s Target doesn’t work with these, but I didn’t try Unitron’s software.

Anyone have settings for moderate hearing loss 4000-8000hz? I am a musician and probably can dial in the settings myself. Cant deside between this and B2. This has more advantage for Android of course. And with discount about the same price.

@CombatWombat Actually, the audiologists who service the “care package” are in fact supposed to have special software to fit the hearing aids, which would allow programming the aids to match an audiogram. However, when I looked into these aids a few months ago, the whole “care package” process didn’t seem ready for prime time. I called up the one office that Sennheiser listed as servicing the program in my area, and after multiple back-and-forth phone calls it became clear that they had no idea what I was talking about — and in fact had no idea that the the “care package” program even existed.

These aids only came on the market last summer and quite possibly the situation has improved since then. However, after researching it further I decided it wasn’t worth the bother. The “care package” only includes a single fitting with no follow-up, there’s no REM testing, etc etc. For a few hundred dollars more, I decided to go to Costco and get true RX hearing aids.

@Douglas_T I think you’ll find that unless you have access to the special software described above, you won’t be able to make the kinds of adjustments you’re talking about. As far I can tell (and I’ve talked with Sennheiser customer service about this), the consumer app only gives access to a crude 3-band equalizer, and the self-fitting process only involves listening to a set of pre-recorded dialogue clips and selecting which seems best to you.