Sennheiser All-Day Clear

That’s exactly right. The setup asks you to listen to seven different versions of the same recorded conversation and choose the one that sounded “best.” To me, it sounded like a scale where 1 was the most bass-heavy and 7 was the most treble-boosted, but without knowing what either person’s voice sounds like normally, that’s pretty speculative, and probably not the best way to correct for different types of loss. It also asks you to choose a comfortable volume, and that’s the basic amplification setting. Once you’re done with setup, there’s the three-band equalizer, and that’s it. You can’t even switch back and forth between ‘quiet’ and ‘noise.’ That’s done automatically. That didn’t work for what I was trying to do, so I returned them. But for someone with more conventional hearing issues, they might work fine.

There is a music program that you can activate manually, and it sounded fine to me the few times I used it. But unless you’re working with an audiologist that has the ability to fine-tune these to a much greater extent than is possible via the app, or you can access the software to do it yourself, I’m skeptical that a serious musician would be happy with these. That’s just based on other posts I’ve seen on this forum. They tend to want to do a lot of mucking around with settings that just aren’t available on these.

Thanks! @CombatWombat, Thats exactly the info I needed!

I went to an audiologist under the care package after purchasing the HA’s from Sennheiser online. The audiologist did use different software than the self-programming, but it is still limited to 3 bands. I should add, though, that the software he used did allow him to overlay the output of my hearing aid settings over the audiogram.

He did get the output much closer to my audiogram, but with the limit to 3 bands, it is not ideal. I am hearing better because he turned down the low frequency band significantly, where my hearing is normal. That eliminated a lot of the background noise. I could not wear the hearing aids in, for example, a noisy restaurant before because the background noise amplification was intolerable. Now I can wear them in a noisy environment.

I think it was worth the $250, even though the only audiologist in the program is 45 minutes away. But, I am disappointed that they are still limited to 3 bands.