Selling Audeo P90-Rs

Hi, I have recently gone Cochlear Implant after my hearing continued to deteriorate. I had purchased two pairs of Phonak Audeo P90-Rs, one pair very recently as a backup. No longer needed.

Does anyone know a forum where I can sell them?


There’s one right here on hearingtracker.

3 Likes is another option.

Thanks! I didn’t know that!

pm me. We might make a deal.

Ebay charges 12.5% of the entire sale including shipping and sales tax.

Hi Nick. I’m looking to buy a Phonak P90. Could you let me know a little about the condition, is it rechargeable, does it come with a recharging case, what is the colour, what type of receiver/earpiece it comes with, whether it’s still on warranty and how much you would want for it? Do you ship to California? Thanks. Bob

Hi Nick, would you tell me the price please, also how long do you have those phonak?