Self Programming the KS-9's

Hi - I have just got hold of the Target software and upgraded to 7. I haven’t bought the Noahlink Wireless because I saw that the dropdown doesn’t list the Kirkland HA’s and just wanted to check with people who have experience that when I connect everything up the KS-9’s will be recognised automatically and I will be able to upgrade to the new firmware and start experimenting. Could someone confirm? Thanks!

The KS9 aids are not locked. Anyone with the correct hardware and software can program them.

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Phonak (and other manufacturers too) choose to not show re-branded hearing aids in their list of hearing aids. Here’s a LINK to an older example of that.

But after you correctly setup your hearing aid programming device and hearing aids, then you can use the Detect feature (or in this case for Phonak Target, the Connect feature) and it will magically find the re-branded hearing aid.

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