Self Programming NHS Oticon Synergy Spirit MiniBTE

Thanks for all the great posts regarding self programming.

I have had a read through these. It’s fairly clear regarding the cable, devices and software.

Before I make the plunge, I wondered if anyone knew whether all NHS instruments were pin protected.

I may email the audiology department and ask them.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes they are locked so you won’t be able to program them. Only the NHS can program them.

My understanding is also that NHS hearing aids are locked, all of them. Though my understanding is derived from the :uk: folks.

Thanks for the quick response.

That seems fairly conclusive! No point in spending money on hardware just yet then.

Thanks again.

no, not all of them"… I have a pair of NHS Siemens/Signia Teneo M+ which did not show as even existing in Connexx 6, 7 or 8.x.x, but once connected (via USB HiPro, CS44’s & #13 battery pills) were immediately detected & fully supported - I can read my Specsavers/NHS Audi- entered Audiogram, redo 1st fit & fine tuning, change & reassign programs/buttons and read/respond to logging data in any version of connexx 8.x.x i have tried - it even loads in the model specific html help & info links showing detailed fitting / connection guides,.etc.

(Next time we are in the same country, I am going to check results on my Mum’s old Oticon Spirit Zest & maybe their replacement Spirit Synergy’s, & Sister’s Teneo S+ aids - all NHS supplied but through different channels (from 2 different health authorities & either traditional hospital Audiology clinics or self referral thru Specsavers. Will update results in a new thread as I find out )

Thank you for this update @plugs7. Rumors of locked hearing aids are very difficult to prove True or False. Yay, one more success for the good guys!

Thanks for the additional information.

I’m on pretty good terms with the people in the audiology department. Might be worth asking them if they would be open to the idea of me tweaking the settings…

Sometimes, if you don’t ask, you don’t get… :slight_smile:

Did anyone ever find out what code has to be entered in to Genie to add these devices, oticon spirit synergy

after further research I have found that these are not locked, it is just that the Genie software can not see them until the genie module in Genie is switched on.

the module in Genie is switched on by adding a 4 digit code alpha numeric for the synergy product family.

This is added in preferences / edit preferences / customise software / add and remove instruments.
The only problem is finding out what the synergy device family code is, I have not been able to find that so far.

I do know that trying random codes in Genie brings in a temporary protection lockout to stop us guessing and possibly finding the code by trial and error.

A failed attempt brings up a red message letting you know the code is wrong, a correct code brings up a green message telling you the device type for the correct code entered is now available in Genie

Only the NHS has the four digit pin to program them.

In other words, they are (pin code) locked.

I cant argue with that really, I can only say that the version of Genie software we can get is not activated to communicate with them.

The aids themselves are not locked, but the software module needed to communicate with them is certainly not active by default.

agreed or they have a version of Genie that already has the module activated by default?
what is clear is that once the software module is activated it is kept active for the synergy product

New member but long time wearer of HA.
I have been wearing NHS IMpact Pro aids for the last 4 years.
I managed to find on the internet the Impact Pro programming guide which gave me full details of all the adjustments that were possible on the aids (much more detailed than the normal user guide), and I found this very useful when discussing the aids setup with the NHS audiologists.
These aids have just been replaced by NHS Teneo HP+ and I have looked a similar Teneo programming guide but cannot find any info on the net.
plugs7 above said “it even loads in the model specific html help & info links showing detailed fitting / connection guides,.etc.”
This sounds like it may be what I am looking for.
Is there anyway that I could get to see these pages?
I do not want to do any programming only to understand in detail what the aids are capable of.

Pages? What pages? @plugs7 said that he;

  1. Installed Connexx fitting software (along with some database, I’m not sure which one, probably SiFit)
  2. Used a Hi-Pro programming device with CS44 cables and size 13 battery pills to connect his hearing aids
  3. Used the Detect feature in the fitting software to connect his hearing aids to the fitting software

After connecting his hearing aids, then specific detailed information was available. You may not want to do any programming. But the steps are the same. Click my Avatar and then click the link within if you want more information.

Oh, and not only that;
His hearing aids (apparently) were not pin-code locked. But yours may be pin-code locked. So YMMV.

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Hi pvc. Thanks for the reply.

I was hoping that maybe I could get some direct links to model specific (Teneo) html help (pages) so that I could obtain more info about my new aids.

From plugs7 post it seemed to me that while he was in Connex he had access to html pages on the open internet of which I hoped he might be able to give me details.

Oh, maybe? Perhaps you could install Connexx and have a look.

I have installed connex8 from your link.

It works ok but does not offer Teneo as a hearing instrument.

Perhaps not a surprise as plugs7 said " I have a pair of NHS Siemens/Signia Teneo M+ which did not show as even existing in Connexx 6, 7 or 8.x.x, but once connected (via USB HiPro, CS44’s &; #13 battery pills) were immediately detected & fully supported"