Roger Select IN does not have Bluetooth connectivity

I just noticed that there is not a Bluetooth button on the Roger Select IN. After searching the PhonakPro site I found a list of ways the Select can be used. One is to connect by Bluetooth to a smart phone however there is an asterisk. Looking at the bottom of the page are the words not available for the Select iN. I wonder why. Possibly it is because licenses from iN devices would more frequently be placed in aids which already have microphones?. Anybody have more information on this?

Will be the same for Marvel, Paradise and Lumity. Lots of talk about this on the forum.

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It appears that if you want classic Bluetooth connectivity between your phone and the Select, it must be a Select only, not iN. My Select iN does not have a Bluetooth paring button.

what would be the purpose of pairing with your phone ?

There’s an app that allows additional control options like changing the mode or direction of the beam, or muting it without touching it (useful if it’s clipped to someone else’s collar, etc.). That requires pairing. But I get the sense that’s not what people are talking about here…

I know there is a app for the roger ON … but I can’t find one for the select .

Yes but read my links on why the Roger Bluetooth messes up Marvel, Paradise and Lumity Aids and makes them unusable.

In simple terms, turn Bluetooth on, on older Roger Select or Pen and the Marvel, Paradise and Lumity stop working.

Turn flight mode on, on the Phonak Bluetooth Aids and it also stops the ANY Roger working and communicating with the Aids and working as a normal Microphone.

Roger Bluetooth seems to mess up Phonak Aids and turning to flight mode doesn’t solve the issue.

Please note, Roger On Bluetooth for the App doesn’t have the appropriate Bluetooth for handfree like the Pen and Select.

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There isn’t one…………….

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RogerPM used to work for Phonak until Covid so he knows what he’s talking about.


To use the select to answer and make phone calls. The “All microphone options at a glance” document on Phonak shows the Roger Select connects to “Portable device/PC/laptop for phone calls over internet (wireless via Bluetooth” and Call center (via Bluetooth). The Roger Select iN does not have those functionalities.
Speculation on my part is that the iN version is meant for aids which have Roger Direct installed and that those aids already have Bluetooth installed. I can foresee that using a Select with Bluetooth with a HA that also has Bluetooth would lead to all sorts of Bluetooth problems. I guess, with a little digging, I answered my own question.


so the select would be meant for aids without roger receiver/licenses in them , and the select IN for use with roger Licenses
I never tried the select with aids without licenses so I don’t know how it works as bluetooth