Roger Select (not Select IN): Does this work with Lumity?

I have Lumity devices and I have a Roger On iN. That works perfectly fine.

I picked up a Roger Select from eBay. The device constantly cycles my Lumity aids between the RogerDirect and auto programs as rapidly as the software allows, and I get no audio from the Select. I thought there was a defect so I returned it, bought another one from a different seller, and it behaves the same way.

Suggestions? I wanted the Select for its bluetooth phone connectivity to save Lumity battery life, as I make a significant number of phone calls during the day.

If you have installed the licenses from a Roger On iN, then the select should work fine as a mic, but I have no experience using any of the Rogers for phone calls.


There’s been lots of discussions on here that you can’t turn the Bluetooth on, on the older Roger devices as it messes up Phonak Bluetooth HAs.

Turn Bluetooth off on the Roger, and the HAs work fine.

Roger On doesn’t have the same Bluetooth to connect to App and that is why it doesn’t mess with the HAs.

Reason why Bluetooth is in none of the Roger iN devices.

Talks about the Marvel but it’s the same for Paradise and Lumity.

RogerPM works for Phonak.

Putting the HAs in Flight Mode also kills the RogerDirect feature.

Is this something I have to do in software?

I have yet to pair the Select to anything via Bluetooth, as I’ve only tried to get it to work as a mic.

Sounds like the Bluetooth has been left on, on the Select as unless you turn it off, it’s always on unless you turn the whole device off.

Try making sure Bluetooth is off first.

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These blue lights indicate Bluetooth is on.

Thank you, everyone. Works fine bluetooth disabled. But that defeats the intent of purchasing it.

I haven’t created a network between Select and my On iN. So at the moment I have to repair the device I want to use with my hearing aids, which breaks the pairing of the one I don’t want to use. Mildly annoying but livable.

Yea the Bluetooth on the HAs and the Roger Direct feature seem to mess with things when the Bluetooth is on, on the older Roger device.

Many threads on this forum saying it doesn’t work.

As I said earlier, it’s why the Roger Pen iN and Roger Select iN don’t contain Bluetooth as it doesn’t work with Phonak Bluetooth HAs.

Unfortunately there is no way for you to use the Select for phone calls with Bluetooth with your hearing aids. Only way is by using the audio cable to your phone from the Select.


I did search first but I should have expanded to look beyond Lumity. Thanks again all.

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