Roger Pen version

Bought a Roger Pen on Ebay. How can I tell what version it is by looking at the serial number? Thanks

This might help answer your question.
The easy way to tell is the Roger pen has more buttons than the easy pen, phone buttons.

It’ll say Roger Pen 1.1 above the serial number if you have the latest one.

The older Roger Pen doesn’t have a number above the serial number.

Mine doesn’t have the 1.1 on it but it is a 1.1 pen verified with Target.

I tried hooking it up to my wife’s computer that doesn’t have Target on it. It recognized the pen as Roger Pen only. Tried looking at a number of places on the PC While hooked up and it never said what model or version the pen was.

@Raudrive Target only shows the latest Pen especially if your Target is up to date.

The Pen 1.1 will be on the Pen as well.

That’s why you find your head to block the Roger sound because the original Roger Pen had to be line of sight with nothing in the way to send the sound across. The 1.1 Pen has improved the transmission of sound.

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Ok, this helps a bunch. As you said, Target only shows the 1.1 pen.
Are you saying only 1.1 pens will be labeled that way on the bottom of the pen?

Yes only the 2nd generation Pen says 1.1.


@Zebras I’ve got the one in the image, too.
Did you manage to upgrade the firmware? I never get a connection with the Roger Upgrader.

Mine must be the first version, doesn’t have the 1.1 label.
When I first got it zebras helped me with updates. My pen did take the Upgrader update.
I just checked it again and it is up to date.

Also here. Found the upgrader and downloaded 1.1 firmware even though the pen is the earlier version. Not sure there will be much difference. Wish I could get the pen to work with the Costco K9s that I have. Pen works with the Rextons 42s ,but I like wearing the K9s with the bluetooth feature. Have a Compilot 2 but it’s no help with getting the Pen to work with the K9s.

Will your KS9 aids pair with the Compilot2?
Target has Roger selection for the pen and other Roger devices with Marvel aids. The KS9 aids do not.

Something to try if the KS9 aids pair to the Compilot2 would be to get the Roger X for the Compilot2.

My wife has the KS9 aids. I do have the Compilot2 and a Roger X. Could try on hers.

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I do have the Roger x. Did NOT connect, with the Com Pilot, Roger X, Pen, to the K9s. In my experience, the K9s work with my Android phone and I am NOT experiencing universal BT with the K9s. If you get the Roger Pen to work with the K9s ,I would like to hear from you. Thanks

I will say that the K9s are a lot of hearing aid for the money. Great that you don’t have to wear the pendant. However, I purchased a Noahlink so I can tune them myself. Not happy until I got them pretty close to my previous aids. This took some time and is tedious, and ongoing.

@1132da8a56784b901095 It will work if you connect to RogerX into the Euro-pin connector (3 holes) at the bottom of the ComPilot2. Missed the previous 3 posts somehow.

So, is the new Easypen the same as the old Easypen? And now there is a Pen IN. Is that the same as the 1.1 but with recievers? And no difference between 2015 and now? No upgrade in technology?

@Raudrive did u try it ks9 with compilot and receiver and pen?

Not yet.
As mentioned a few posts earlier it didn’t work for them.
I might try anyway just to double check.

As far as I understand it, there’s only been 2 x generation of Pens, the Roger Pen and the Roger Pen 1.1. I would assume that the Roger Pen iN is basically the Roger Pen 1.1 with receivers.

Correct. Roger Pen iN is essentially Roger Pen 1.1 with the addition of the Roger installation feature, but without the Bluetooth feature, as users are expected to use it with Marvel hearing aids that already have BT built-in. Mind you, you do not need a Marvel hearing aid to use Roger Pen iN, it is compatible with any Roger receiver, but there is not much point in getting a Roger Pen iN if you do not need the installation feature. Should you change hearing aid brand in the future there is no need replace the Roger Pen iN as long as there is a receiver that is compatible with the hearing aid.

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