Roger On with Phonak P50UP hearing aids

Hi, I have Phonak P50UP aids. Someone suggested I try the “Roger On”. However I am not real clear the differences between “Roger On” and “Roger On In”. My P50UP aids have “Roger Direct” but do not have Roger receivers installed. Do I need receivers if I have “Roger Direct”?

Is there any reason the “Roger On” would not work with the “Roger Direct” on my P50UP aids?

Or do I need the “Roger On In”?


@jte Hello,
Which Phonak P50 UP do you have?
Audeo, Naida?

To use the Roger On, you will need 2 roger receivers with licenses (1 for each hearing aid) they are sold separately, otherwise, Roger On iN should come with 2 licenses in it.
The licenses needs to be transferred to the hearing aids, for the Roger On and the hearing aids to communicate.
In nutshell, if you have the money ====> get the Roger On iN
If not, then get the Roger On + the 2 Roger X (which should have the licenses) ====> you will need someone to transfer the licenses to the hearing aids.

Paradise hearing aids have Roger Direct in them, so there is no need to install a roger receiver (shoe) at the bottom of the hearing aids, but you still need the licenses.

Bottom line:
-Phonak P50 (Paradise)
-Roger direct (is built into the paradise, think of it as a placeholder for the licenses)
-Roger On (doesn’t come with licenses)
-Roger On iN (should come with licenses)
-Roger Receiver (which should come with 1 license each)

I hope it’s not too confusing.

Hi Jte,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Phonak Roger confusion.

The difference between the Roger On iN and the Roger On is that with the Roger On iN the receivers come with the device and get installed into the aid- (are actually just software) which must be a Phonak or sonova aid with Roger Diect - say, a Unitron or KS10.whereas with the Roger On the receivers are held in either either a boot device (fits on the end of the hearing aid) or a MyLink device that is a neckloop that one wears but needs to have telecoil. I believe these can be attached to any make of aid - Oticon etc, as the Roger X is a universal boot and telecoil if present is the same on any aid.

There is a big difference in cost. The Roger On iN is over £1200 uk pounds. The Roger On is cheaper - about half the price but I think the Roger X or MyLink cost between £200 to £400 approx.

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This is both for the Roger On iN and Roger On iN V2.

I have the Naida P50-UP. Can the licenses be transfered via Target? Or is it more than that?

And lets say i did buy a “Roger On”, where would i put the receivers that come with the licenses???

All on You Tube.

The Roger On won’t work if you don’t install the licences and getting the Roger On iN would save a lot of hassle.

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Roger Installer.


I’m even more confused after watching YouTube :rofl: I lost interest…

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@jte To make it simple for yourself, if you can trial the Roger On iN, so you cab have a better idea if you want one or not.
In the event you want one, then, the easiest and fuss free option, is to go with the Roger On iN, your hearing care provider will help you setup the Roger On iN.
If you want to tinker and do some DIY, then the Roger On + 2 Roger Receivers (with licenses), is the route to follow.

I still dont understand where the receivers physically go? Do they get inserted into the stick? Or do the hearing aids come apart and get inserted into hearing aids?

In the state of Ohio, employers are responsible for paying for it, which my employers happily agreed they would, but when i went to the audi, she clearly never sold one before. So i went to a different audi, he was unsure how it actually works. So i went to a different audi, she was very indirect and wouldn’t entertain my questions. None of them offered trial options nor really seemed interested in helping. Its a one shot deal having my employer cover it, i dont want to waste it or only get half the equation. When i watch the videos on YouTube i dont see anyone physically inserting a receiver on any video. I see people pairing the stick to hearing aids, but where are the receivers? I see receivers that have been plugged into the bottom of existing hearing aids that add additional length and match the hearing aids. But even on phonak videos, theres not clear demonstration how this is done other than pairing them. Phonak told me to see an audi, the audis are clueless… one told me i need the on, the other told me i need on in. Just trying to cover my bases but i dont even feel comfortable investing wity these audis.

@jte I see, maybe it’s time to seek a different Audi, if this is case, I wonder if your hearing aids were setup properly in the first place.
Since, your employer will be paying for it, then go for the Roger On iN.
The video that @Zebras have put on her post, is how to transfer the licenses to the hearing aids, so that you will have permission to use the Roger On iN (like a key that unlocks the Roger On iN).
After that, you will do the pairing, see video below:

Like i said, i understand all that. But what I’m not understanding is exactly where do the receivers actually go??? Nobody seems to know, nobody seems to be able to tell me :person_shrugging:t2: Or do i even need receivers since the aids have roger direct??? No one can answer that.

Additiomally, i’ve been searching for a legitimate audi for 40 years, have yet to find one… if you have a recommendation for Cleveland, OH within 100mi im open to suggestions. I can guarantee i’ve likely seen them, but if not ill try. I habe literally seen over 25 just this year. They are all worthless and clueless. I literally have yo show them how to use their own target software. Its a joke.

Inside the hearing aid.

We are talking about a license rather than a physical receiver that you have to wear as always mentioned.

Put it this way, the licenses activates the receiver inside the Aids to start working.

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It’s most likely something like this.

An EEPROM stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Memory Device. That means you can enter data into the microchip by sending special programming software signals to create the desire outcome

You have 2 types of receivers:
-Roger direct which is built in the Marvel/paradise/Lumity platforms, built in the chip!
-“Normal” Roger receiver (they should come with license inside), picture below:

Previously you will need the roger receiver with licenses to use roger On; But now, you can just get the roger On iN and transfer the licenses to hearing aids.
A bit confusing, so no worries, but ultimately, if you get the Roger On iN, you will not have any trouble and spare yourself a headache, and and you don’t need an audiologist to set the roger On iN for you, you can do it yourself, just follow the video or ask here once you get the roger On iN.
To find an audiologist, you will have to check around you and see what people say, maybe someone in here can give you details of good audiologist near you.
I am not in the state, this is a worldwide forum, so people around the world are posting here, so expect some delay in answering you and expect to chat with people from far and wide, not sure about the Moon and Antarctica!
I hope this helps, but don’t worry too much about roger receiver, and get the Roger On iN, and that’s what I’ve done, no hassle.

I think I’ll probably just pass on this idea. I have entirely lost interest in it.

@jte If you had the roger on IN with you now, it would take you five minutes to get it working and you would be amazed at the results.

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Just like @jte I didn’t know anything about Roger On or iN, but, I did get the iN version which was a much simpler and headache free option, at £1500 it was a steep price, but, I didn’t have to fiddle with the roger receivers or installer or else.
Just transfer the licenses from the roger on iN to the Paradise and then pair both, and voila, job done.
Is it worth it? well, that’s up to the individual to experience and answer.

With the new 2.0 firmware update to the version 1 ON IN , you do not have to use a pin in the hole in the bottom to install the receiver/licenses to your hearing aids. Just hold down the pairing button on the bottom and the function button on the top together for about 5 seconds, a flashing icon will appear in the display, and then turn on your hearing aid and place it near the Roger ON IN … it will take a couple of seconds and a check mark will appear in the center of the display.
Then do that a second time with the other HA .

You do have to use the pin hole to transfer the licenses back to the ON IN.

I am not sure this is true with the version 2 ON IN, but is suspect it is.

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