Roger On V2

Does anyone know what the improvements are for the V2 of Roger On?

I know that there will be two way audio when connected to a computer. I talked with Phonak on LinkedIn, and they also have teaser videos out on it.

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Phonak is running a contest giving away Roger mics. Search for #mybestfriendroger

Link to Phonak Roger v2 site
Roger On


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Interesting that you have to have a Roger mic to participate. Guess it could be an older version like a Pen.

I wondered the same thing. I have a friend has the Roger On and loves it.

How is an 80 year old guy who does not have one and does not do Instagram stand a chance. :nerd_face:


I thought that, too. Excited for new technology, but probably won’t be able to see it until the new contracts with the VA next fall.