Roger On - Spare 3.5mm male to USB-C cabbles

I searched without any good results. Anyone have a recommendation on additional cables for this?

I use my Roger On with my laptops regularly. I’d like extra / spare cables for this to plug into the 3.5mm output from my other laptops and my PS5 controller.

However, the vast majority of cables are the other direction only - USB-C output to 3.5mm input for aux input jacks, like cars, speakers, etc. I’ve tried several and none will go from the laptop to Roger On and my aids.

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You can buy adapters on Amazon, to fit just about anything @AZTravelGuy… Cheers Kev :wink:

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I’m aware. You must not have read the part where I purchased several but they’re designed to go from usb-c output to 3.5mm aux inputs. They largely don’t work in reverse. These have one way DACs meant to output a phone to headphones or a car auxiliary input.

So I’m looking for specific product that will take a 3.5mm output and input it into the Roger On usb-c. Like the one that ships with it.

Rather than continue spinning the roulette wheel on more products that won’t work, I’m hoping someone knows a cable that will work.


Apologies for that @AZTravelGuy, must have missed that reference! Perhaps or most
Likely the dyslexia in me… Yeah, I have been on that bandwagon before, when looking for a very specific cable, ending up with various adapters and cables of varying descriptions, and none of little use, especially with Phonak… Good Luck, in finding a suitable solution. Cheers Kev :wink:


Most of the ones I see on a google search available for sale are from UK or CND hearing product resellers. I also have a Roger On and wish to have more cables…

All of the cables I saw on amazon and ebay appear to be oriented toward pulling audio from a phone (and into an aux port or headphone) as opposed to squirting audio into the mic.

If you find a source, report back, it would be helpful to know!


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This really is a specialty product. I think you’re likely going to have to buy it from a vendor that deals in Phonak Roger accessories.


Try FM Hearing Systems, it’s a UK site but it may help identify your needs.
It says its for Roger.

FM Hearing Systems will only ship to UK post address. I’m unable to find a US source so far. A Canadian one might be fine if they ship transborder.

Or if anyone is willing to reship from UK, I’ll pay the applicable shipping fees.

I’m prepared to help with that, anyone else? Whitehat ?

Do these people post aboard?

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They certainly used to. I’ve bought many 3.5mm - DAI cables in years past from them. Pre-bluetooth hearing aids, and pre-streamer devices, I would plug directly into the 3 prong DAI jacks on bottom of hearing aids, back when mobile phones still had audio jacks consistently! Sometimes had to buy audio shoes to to put on the hearing aids to give them the DAI jack. For others’ edification, DAI = Direct Audio Input, the same 3 prong connector that’s on universal Roger receivers, among other accessories.

Anyway, enough of the tangent. Thanks for that link. Wasn’t coming up in my searching and had completely forgotten about this company. should be able to post to you no problem… Personally posting anything abroad is now a nightmare from the UK! According to the postmistress I spoke to at the UK Post Office, new rule changes have been implemented, when shipping overseas with the P.O., no more than 4 items per package, all the contents declared, each item must be individually weighed, and the weight recorded, it would seem they are being deliberately obstinate to perhaps avoid the service altogether? I have been trying without success to post an iCube 1 & 2, plus 3 sets of used aids, some batteries & a little tubing to a charitable individual whom dispenses aids to underprivileged children in Indonesia, ffs what a parlava!!! I ended up shipping to his friend in Wales, whom has successfully posted to him in the past… Cheers Kev :wink:

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I’m in the US… How might I help?


I was offering to help with the usb cable and you had said you might need one.
I think he has sourced one from elsewhere.

Bought from, I’ve always had good luck with them numerous times years ago. Just wished I’d remembered instead of spending so much time searching. Also wish there were a comparable reseller of such equipment in the US. Nobody compares to their inventory. Even things like Phonak ear hooks are hard to source in the US, while Connevans has the HE11 I need for my now-backup devices. (Yes, I can get from audiologists, but that’s just an extra step and office visit I don’t need.)

Anyway, I now have two more. I can keep my original on my home office workstation, a spare for another laptop, and a third I keep with my travel gear. And they work to go from a 3.5mm output to a USB-C input (despite that sticker), unlike so many cables on Amazon that are clearly one-way DAC to go the other direction only. Tried a half dozen before giving up on random orders.



I realise Connevans is the only place to get them but does it work out quite expensive?

More curious then anything.

Product is reasonably priced. £8.40 per cable. I’m not going through the effort to get VAT refunded, and it wasn’t done automatically based on destination.

The UPS saver rate (only option) to USA for two of those was a pricey £34.40. I should have ordered more stuff to fill up the envelope with lightweight things but I just didn’t need more gear.


Do you not have this option in the picture to not pay VAT? Or do you have to claim is back due to not being in the UK?

I hadn’t even typed my address in or anything as I was wanting to just screenshot to ask.

That option never presented itself to me. I was signed into an account I’ve had for years. I assume it was because my account has an address outside the UK, but also possible I missed it. I would have to claim it, as you suspect. I don’t bother with VAT refunds as I don’t make significant goods purchases even when traveling in UK or EU.

Thanks for the photo. It explain everything. Just take note of teh 3.5mm jack. The photo shows 2 bands. Some of the 3.5mm jacks show 3 bands. You have to be careful when you buy the 3.5 mm jack. There a lot of this type gadgets in Asia. It cost about USD 0.80 per piece excluding shipping. It is made in China. If you are able to show a photo of any gadget you want to buy, maybe I can surf in Malaysia to help. All the best.

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