Roger On installation and pairing

It’s possible to do it yourself, although easier if you’d bought a Roger On iN. (The iN has the licenses built in and it’s a fairly easy transfer. With the Roger X receivers, one needs an installer. There’s lots of stuff on here about it. Maybe @Zebras will chime in.

what would i search ? been searching Roger On but couldn’t find much which is why i started my own post I guess I’m not using the right wording

This should get you started: Roger Select iN and Roger ON iN


If you can return your Roger On and get it replaced with a Roger On iN I believe that would be the simplest. I’m assuming they’be buying a new one. If buying used, you need to make sure it still has both receivers present. If you to an audiologist with your current non-iN version, you’d also have to buy two Roger X receivers. Is this making sense?

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Specialists as @Zebras know all about it as @MDB said. Nothing to be done in Target.
You will not have the licenses installed.
Have a look at the compatibility list from Phonak
Phonak Support Community




Just to add to the discussion for non American…

The Roger In devices are not available in Europe! they told me.

Over here we only can have the On versions. My audicien only can sell me the On and programm the licenses with the installer from the Roger X devices. So I need to buy two from them also. Sonova policy for Europe he says.

A cheaper way then would be the On In from eBay as you do not need anything further, also excluding the audicien.

@emile.heilbron Unless UK isn’t part of Europe?

@Baltazard: Well, it isn’t anymore, is it? BoBo Johnson saw to that, didn’t he?

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@lmiller See videos below:

Unboxing the new Phonak Roger On:

How-to: Installing Roger On iN Receivers:

Quick guide - pairing Phonak Roger On to receiver:

Using the Roger On Remote microphone:

How to install Roger receivers:

Roger On:

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One other alternative, as yet not discussed on this thread, if you have an inductive loop/telecoil on your hearing aids, you can buy the “Roger Neck Loop”, in the UK around £130 to £150 new, (Type 03) you can pick them up used, and cheaper than that on eBay, or the (Type 02) for around £350 new… Again cheaper if you buy used, via eBay, I do have this Roger Neck Loop (Type 03) bought new, as yet untried, so I can’t vouch for how effective it is? But, it is probably the cheapest method to connect a Roger On device… Remember also, if you are buying 2nd hand Roger X Receivers, they need to have a serial number above 1744, Roger X Receivers prior to this serial are older technology, and will not work with Mavel, Paradise or indeed Lumity aids… Cheers Kev :wink:

You may be wright. I guess I had to say European Union, although that isn’t what I was told. @SpudGunner told the story.

Edit: To make it more bizar I paid € 862,92 in the EU online.

is that for the iN version or the normal ON version?

The On In, so the most expensive one with the two licenses, brand new.

How do one can check if the Roger X receivers have licenses in them or empty?
Unless they or the hearing care professional have a roger installer to check for the licenses?

That’s weird, I responded to my own questions :thinking:

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That’s a good price then, I paid approximately 1600 euros for the same :sob:

So sorry to hear, I should not have told you. Heads up

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No worries, it’s good to have some feedback, so others will have the knowledge and shop around.
Thank you

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You can’t, until you use a Roger Installer.

I bought a Roger X 02 receiver with audio shoe for £15 that had the right serial number.

It coming with an audio shoe, meant it was more likely to not be empty.

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I have the Roger Installer @Baltazard, bought mines from South Korea last year, via eBay for approximately £180, including expedited tracked airmail, it has went up in price since then I believe? Cheers Kev :wink:

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