Rexton Styleline at Costco (Adore technology family). Has anyone tried it?

The “Styleline” looks a lot like the following aids:

I’m not sure what differences there might be, though WS audiology owns Signia, Audio Service, and Rexton, as far as I’m aware.

Here’s some more info:

Adore product info from the forum: Costco Rexton Adore (Product Information)

Rexton’s product page: MyCore StyleLine/StyleLine BT - Rexton Hearing Aids -

Costco’s Rexton page:

Interesting. I have not seen these at our Costco in Canada. Only the Adore Li seems to be offered here, which is pretty much like the KS8 (Signia 7Nx, or Rexton Emerald 80) but with a rechargeable battery.

I believe this product has only recently appeared at US Costcos, but haven’t confirmed.

I am wearing them now. I’ve had them for about 3 1/2 months. They work fairly well. They have no buttons on aids themselves they are controlled by a remote or the app. The app is not great I find it loses the Bluetooth connection several times a day and I have to close the app and restart it. The charging case is very small and can charge the aids several times when it is fully charged. I find the case to be too small it is difficult to get the the aids in easily. Rexton has no customer service # all correspondence is done through email and the 2 times I sent emails I received no response. The battery is rated for 19 hours and usually last me the whole day but several times it was very close. I am returning them and getting the Resound Preza. Longer battery life, good customer service, and they can stream directly to some Android phones. Any specific questions I will be glad to answer if I can.

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