Rexton Quintra 2c, Costco's newest?


anyone have any info regarding the new Rexton Quintra 2c at Costco? Costco “helper” (not the main fitter) said
it just came in a week ago. Slightly bigger body than Rexton Charismo 2c. Adjuster buttons on aid.
Promo with free pocket remote control until January.

I went in to see the new Kirkland Signature 5.0 Helper thought the Rextons (Charismo and Quintra) and
the Bernafon Acrivas would be better performance.

I do 15-20 hours of outdoor sports a week (pickleball, biking) and want music clarity. So moisture resistance,
wind noise suppression , natural sound are most important to me. Home conversations, tv watching, movie
theatre use are big factors.

Fitting appt next week



The Quintra is the Costco exclusive version of the Rexton Strata. It’s basically the same thing as the Strata 2c 18.



I am considering the Bernafon Acrivas and the Rexton Charismo—and now the Rexton Quintra/Strata.
How is it different from the Charismo?
I notice it is slightly bigger size. I believe it might have a battery charger option available.
Anything meaningful on the performance that might make it a better or worse choice for me?




The biggest difference is wireless support. The Quintra can use Bluetooth streamers and the remote control unit. It also has synchronized volume and program changes. The case is larger because it uses a 312 battery. It does support rechargeable batteries.

More info on this page:



Just purchased my first hearing aids yesterday - the Costco Quintras. I get them 10/1 and then the fun begins. 2 aids, charger and controller for $2,700. Also, the audiologist at Costco was excellent to deal with. I will report my observations after 10/1.



I stopped in at the local Costco to check out hearing aids. This is the first stop in my quest; I have an appointment with an independent audiologist on Thursday, and thought that a visit to Costco would give me something to compare it to (other than when I accompanied my mother to Beltone years ago).

With my loss (30dB @ 1k dropping to 80dB @ 8k) and hearing needs (conversion, meetings, music) the dispenser suggested the Quintras. She programmed a pair and I wore them around the store, and checked out music in the car. I was pleasantly surprised to find that music didn’t sound overly bright with the boost in the high end, voices sounded natural (other than my own) and more distinct. When the aids were removed, it seemed that a blanket had been thrown over the world.

Anyway, the information I received that should I decide to order the Quintras, they’d be back to the store in about 72 hours. That doesn’t fit with the two week lead time in llagerva’s post. Was my dispenser fibbing or uninformed? Thanks.



Wow! 72 hours is great. It took over two weeks to get my first appointment at our Costco. They must be very, very busy and selling a lot of HAs. Since I get mine on the 1st I will be interested in comparing my first observations with yours.



Aha, so the difference might be in how busy our respective Costco’s are, and not my dispenser fibbing about the delivery time to the stores. For comparison, I called the middle of the afternoon Wednesday and got an appointment for 4:30 on Friday. Maybe you’ll want to move to Iowa. :smiley:



Why did you guys get these over the Signature 5s?



I haven’t purchased anything yet. The HAS said she was recommending the Quintra based on my hearing loss and hearing needs. Of course, I have no way of knowing if that’s true. She mentioned that they don’t work on commission at Costco, which I don’t doubt. But having worked in a big box store myself 25 years ago, I know that just because you’re not on commission doesn’t mean that you don’t have a vested interest in pushing certain products. I still have Nikon and Minolta jackets hanging in the closet from the “points” we’d get from selling their gear. Products may also be “spiffed” or bring a monetary reward to the salesperson. When I moved into audio, despite the mantra “no highs, no lows, must be Bose” some salesmen would always demo Bose speakers because every model carried a hefty spiff.

Anyway, guess I’d reverse the question-- why pick the Kirkland 5’s over the Quintra? (Besides the obvious price difference?)

I’m thinking strongly of going back and trying out the Kirkland’s after I see what the independent audiologist recommends on Thursday. I’ll keep you posted.



Same here! As this is my first venture into the world of HAs I developed a feeling of confidence in the ability of the HAS. We discussed my lifestyle (physical activities plus many board and committee meetings as well as client presentations - all volunteer activities). I will ask about the Kirkland 5s, although she already recommended the Quintaras, and report back after this Tuesday. I feel confident buying almost anything except hearing aids.



Lifestyle should be a huge consideration. It is your hearing. I am not ruling out “price” but it must still fit my everyday needs. I do many meetings as well but also need top performance in music environments. I am considering the Acriva from Costco. Appointment is tomorrow.



I am trialing Acriva 9’s from Costco and the Au,D has not been able to get the factory Music program to work. It is almost as if “Mute” is turned on when I switch to the Music program. Please let me know if the factory Music program works for you when you try the Acriva 9’s.



Well I’m all about speech recognition/clarity so if one or the other is better for that I hope someone can give some input.



Well, I currently wear Bernafon (past generation) and love the music program. After my appointment today, both audis recommended the KS5 for me. The big reason they said was that the Resound software had more configuration/tweaking potential over the current Bernafon software. With my more specific requests, they think it would be easier to accommodate on the KS5’s. Here in Canada, they are not expected to arrive for another week, so I guess I will wait and give them a spin first. Other threads here sound promising based on initial responses from actual users in the US.



In an earlier post I mentioned that I’d follow up on a report as to what the independent audiologist recommended. She recommended the Phonak Audeo Q, subtly pushing the Q70 and Q50. Overall, a less impressive visit than my stop at Costco. The office was nicer, but the hearing test was abbreviated, and I didn’t get to try out a pair of the Audeo’s like I did the Quintras. In fact, she didn’t even have me try on an aid so I could feel what it was like. Perhaps the aid she was showing me was a nonfunctional dummy, but it still could have been placed in my ear.

Leaning strongly on going back to Costco to try out the Kirklands…



Did you get the Quintras this week? How goes it?



Had them for 4 days and although I have a few problems I am happy. Since these are my first HAs I don’t know exactly what to expect. She only set up one program and the sound is too loud and some high tones are sounding “tinny”. I reduce the volume on the HAs to it’s lowest and some of the problem goes away. I just returned from a large party in a big tent where there were many conversations, kids yelling and outdoor noises. I could actually carry on a conversation better than I have for years. Progress. I am documenting my observations for a few weeks and will return to have them adjusted and programs set up of various conditions. So far, so good. Will report back later.



Thanks for the update!



I went to Costco today for a current hearing eval. I’ve been wearing a pair of rexton HA’s purchase from Costco 6 years ago. One failed to the point of being non repairable and with advances in technology, I am not sure I would want to repair it even if it was cheaper.

My HAS recommended the Rexton Quintra 2C over the Sig 5.0’s for reasons of reliability, durability but mostly for the power of the processor and better performance of the Quintra 2C. I did brief demo’s of both the Quintra 2C versus the Kirkland Signature 5.0’s and I felt I could make it speech much easier with the Rexton Quintra 2C. The Kirklands sounded more unnatural, metallic and did not supress the noise as well. and I have read enough reports about the former versions of the ReSound *Kirkland HA’s being unreliable.

So I am leaning to the Quintra 2C Rexton HA’s as well. THey are more $$, but my ears tell me they are better and so does my HAS, who has been with Costco for longer than 6 years. I bought my first pair from him. He is very knowledgable and never tries to oversell. Very competent and honest I feel.