Rexton introduces Signia IX technology

Earlier today Rexton introduced the addition of a new hearing aid to its lineup - the Rexton Reach. Its description matches the Signia IX technology which came onto the market 5 months ago. So, if you’ve been waiting for the lower cost version of the IX platform, it’s here. I don’t know if Costco has it yet but if they don’t, I expect that they will soon.


Very curious to know when these will end up at Costco. Could someone briefly summarize the differences between the IX and previous AX platforms?

IX processes multiple primary conversation streams (3) - as well as a 4th from the rear hemisphere - simultaneously. AX only processes one primary stream from the front.

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@J-I, I asked Costco when the new Rexton aids will be available. I’m told that the staff in any individual Costco store doesn’t know that new hearing aids are available more than a day or 2 in advance. The individual stores don’t even get visits from the company reps any more, something which began during Covid. They said that they’re probably coming soon bout on the other hand it could also be as much as a month or two. No way of knowing.

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So, I contacted WSA International, Rexton’s parent company. They replied that they expect their new Reach hearing aids to be available in the United States by mid-March.

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I’ll be following on Costco availability, as I am unfortunately searching for backup aids. But a cool feature I noticed is classic bluetooth protocol – that will add some convenience that thus far, has only been available to Sonova products. Interesting that the advertised battery life is lower than their previous model though.

Where did you see it has Classic Bluetooth? I see it is Made for iPhone, ASHA compatible and with an expected update will get LE Audio. None of those are Classic Bluetooth.

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Yes, but the battery life is longer if you buy the T-coil version. Assuming that it’s the same as the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX, what I’m seeing on line is the following:

28 hours of battery life OR
24 hours with 5 hours of streaming

With T-coil:
39 hours of battery life OR
36 hours with 5 hours of streaming

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When you click the link the OP provided, halfway down the page:

Edit after the fact*** I now noticed the word “Classic” is sort of shaded out, so maybe it’s not. I also didn’t initially know it was a video and haven’t watched it, just saw the big words “Classic Bluetooth Protocol,” so *shrug

Watched the video. Nope, no Classic BT. Don’t know why they did the video that way. Is Made for iPhone, ASHA and LE Audio is “promised,” but there’s not a great history of hearing aid companies keeping their promises.