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I get my new Jabra Enhance Pro 20’s next Sunday but the Costco fitter said that they only had the TV Streamer 2 available. Has anyone been able to get the TV Streamer + through Costco ? If not, do you know of anywhere that I can source one ?

Any local ReSound dealer willing to sell you one? Also, see ReSound TV Streamer+. I think they’re charging $50 more than ReSound does, but it’s in stock

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EBay often has these available at much lower prices.

Sally he is looking for the new Resound Plus model, not the model 2. The Plus model has Auracast capability. The model 2 does not have Auracast. However, the model 2 is cheaper and may work just fine.

Yes I’ve purchased a Resound TV streamer through Costco. It works really well with the bimodal system. Costco had to order it in from Resound for me. I purchased this one 4 years ago now.

The topic is about the new ReSound TV Streamer+ released in 2023 ,
supporting Auracast BTLE Audio , and momentary only compatible with

  • ReSound Nexia (2023) ,
  • Jabra Enhance Pro 20 (2023)

This TV Streamer sending the signal via Auracast BTLE Audio and is not the same as the older ReSound TV streamer
ReSound TV Streamer+   New 2023 supporting  Auracast


I wasn’t too thrilled paying $300 when the Streamer 2 can be bought for $50-60 on eBay and works great but I was curious to know how well Auracast works so I bought a VOCE Bluetooth Broadcast Transceiver from Walmart for $70 which should arrive by Dec 1 to test. This was a Kickstarter project in 2022 and I’m not sure how well it is supported but since Auracast is a standard protocol I hope it will work OK.


The TVS+ also looks like it will connect to the TV via HDMI, which may do more to provide better sound than anything else in the pipeline at similar cost. I mean. Naim, Mark Levinson, Linn and other high end audio marques will probably produce Auracast devices, but the cables alone will cost more than the $249 TVS +.

Mind you, if you value music, buy Naim… :slightly_smiling_face:

It will be interesting to hear how that works for you - please let us know

@drawde You may run into problems with the lack of a generic Auracast assistant available right now. It’s possible that the Jabra/Resound app will only recognise and connect Jabra/Resound devices. Is there a way of connecting the aids to an Auracast source using the buttons on the aid?

On a side note, if you go to the Google play store and type “aurac” into the search box, “Auracast Assistant” is suggested. It looks like they’ve got category of app ready to go.

@philbob57 The TVS+ user manual does not show a method of connection to the TV via HDMI, only optical and analog.

@d_Wooluf The app has a connection option to the Streamer+ device but since it is supposed to obey the Auracast standard I’m hoping that it will connect to the VOCE but no guarantee, we will see.

I wonder if non Jabra/Resound enabled auracast/le audio devices can be connected to TVS+, in theory should be possible since it’s an open protocol of broadcasting, unless they’re messing with it again.


[ReSound TV Streamer+ — ASH Audiology] (ReSound TV Streamer+ — ASH Audiology)


One can also receive TV sound direct to one’s Jabra/ReSound HAs through a Multi-Mic connected to your TV. HAs have to be set up to operate with your Multi-Mic. I was just reminded of this by my Costco tech, after years of only using the Multi-Mic in person to pick up a friend’s voice. This won’t work when sharing your TV with a second listener, I don’t think. It’s a personal connection, but if you watch alone, it’s great! (cord has RCA at both ends).

Here is a link to purchase the new Resound Streamer+
ReSound TV Streamer+ — ASH Audiology

I purchase mine there and was very pleased with the service and the new streamers
Chuck Black

The Streamer + Does not connect via HDMI, it connects the way most HA Streamers do.
Via your TV Optical Audio Out “Toslink”

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