Resound TV Streamer 2 work with Jabra Enhance Pro 20?

I think I have previously seen on the forum that at least one Jabra Enhance Pro 10 user successfully uses a ReSound TV Streamer 2 with his Jabra.

Am I correct?

I am asking because there seem to be multiple sellers offering the ReSound streamer but none that I have yet found that offer the Jabra streamer. In fact, I wonder if there IS even a separate Jabra branded one.

Jim G

I just now found and re-read the thread " Conversation while using the Resound/Jabra TV Connector.

That thread does seem to say that the ReSound TV Streamer 2 does work with the Jabra Pro 10 (and presumably Pro 20). It does again raise the question: Does a “Jabra” branded TV Streamer actually exist? I ask because I haven’t actually yet found a single Canadian market ad for a Jabra branded TV Streamer. I would of course feel more comfortable buying a Jabra braned streamer simply to ENSURE it will work with my Pro 20 setup.

Jim G

Yes the ReSound tv streamer works with Jabra, this is because it’s not actually a “Jabra” product, it’s a ReSound One/Omina, this also works on Beltone which is also a rebranded ReSound model, neat right, one product for all !


Thank-you, Tenkan!

Jim G

My Resound TV Streamer 2 works fine with my Jabra Enhance Pro 20 aids.

Thanks, drawde! I realize the TV Streamer itself has no “adjustability”. You just connect power and connect to get a signl from the TV. BUT . . .

Can the use of a Tv streamer prompt a need for any knowledgeable adjustments to the hearing aids? I am asking because IF it MIGHT, I should make sure I buy it from Costco (from whom I have ordered the Jabra Pro 20 pair)., because it would be improper to ask them to adjust it if I purchase it elsewhere (despite it being offered online at $80 Canadian less shipping cost, less than at Costco).

Jim G

I have three Resound Steamers and no adjustment was needed. I do like to add a bit of bass using the app. I didn’t buy at Costco as I found them considerably cheaper elsewhere in Canada.

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No adjustment to your aids should be needed when using a ReSound Unite TV 2 streaming device, as long as Bluetooth is enabled in the aids, and it generally is. With compatible ReSound aids, the ReSound Smart 3D phone/tablet app is used to make the Bluetooth connection between aids and streamer and to turn the Bluetooth sound on and off, adjust TV volume etc., in the aids. Whatever Bluetooth app Costco Jabra users are given should be able to do this as well without Costco hearing staff help. You do need to follow streamer instructions, available online including on YouTube, carefully to make the initial pairing successfully. After that, it keeps working, typically.

I have found the streamers to be far cheaper in some cases, often used, on eBay than from dealers. When used they are a little dicier in terms of reliability compared to new, but the savings may make it well worth a roll of the dice.

Another less expensive way to pipe TV sound directly into your ears is with a ReSound Micro Mic placed right near the TV speakers. This does produce a somewhat boomier sound that includes other room noises and does require the TV speakers to be on (which the Unite does not always require, depending how the connection is made to your TV, in case you like playing a TV in the bedroom when a partner is sleeping), but still is quite effective if you don’t hear TV sound well without additional assistance.The Micro Mic can also be found as a good bargain on eBay.

With either the streamer or a mic, you can leave the device connected to AC power and on at all times and just use the phone app to toggle on the sound transmission to the aids.

Similarly, my older ReSound Multi-Mic (external mic) works just fine with my Jabra Enhance Pro 10’s!
– (as ‘hamjor1’, just above, outlines–he calls it the Micro-Mic = same device.

THANK-YOU, guys! It sounds like I won’t need Costco support for the streamer, so if I do get the streamer, it will be from an online Canadian source!

Jim G

Yes there are two models of ReSound Bluetooth mics that work with certified compatible ReSound aids and should generally work with Bluetooth Jabras: the Multi Mic and the Micro Mic. The Multi Mic is more expensive, slightly bigger, and has some feature upgrades, but both mics work very well with TV. Also, more versatilely (something the TV streamers cannot do, as they require a hard cable connection between TV and streamer), both mics work well when clipped or placed (for example) very close to someone in a restaurant or meeting you want to hear better, putting people talking into your ear via Bluetooth. These mics have rechargeable batteries for those portable situations. The closer they are to the sound source, the better they work; they won’t help some distance from the sound source across a very noisy room. Both mics are highly recommended. Again no audi intervention is needed to set this up, but again, the gear has to be compatible; some aids will not be able to use this gear. The pairing or connection process for these mics, using a compatible smartphone app as the go-between, is similar to pairing aids to the Unite TV 2 streamer.

There have been some suggestions that the Android app may not always work as well as the Apple app, but Android may have gotten its act together. I think the issue was not the Resound app but implementation of Bluetooth on Android vs Apple; Apple may have been more consistently better at getting Bluetooth right. I’m not seeing as many complaints from Android users recently, so this may have improved.

BTW, Jim, Unite TV 2 streamers do require being connected to a TV with an Audio Out port to get the sound from the TV to the streamer, and ideally, you want this to not turn off your TV speakers if there are other people watching. You can use an optical or coaxial stereo audio cable, or possibly a mini RCA audio stereo cable, to make this connection. Take a look at the back of your TV or the user manual for your TV and make sure this will work. Most new TVs can do this, but some older ones may not. This is not an issue with the ReSound Bluetooth mics which are just picking up ambient sound and make no hard connection to the TV.

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Thanks so much for clarifying this! I’ve used mine for years and love it. I especially like it for hearing my walking companion easily, and many other situations. It’s a lot cheaper than the Roger pen that people talk about for enhancing other brands of HA :blush: :grinning:

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That’s all of them, right back to the Verso, and will work with the ReSound rebranded models from Jabra.

(Older aids may not work.)

Any model that is NOT 2.4ghz won’t work, so you could go back to approximately 2014.

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Since 2014, then, ReSound users have had a nice long run of support across updated aid models for Unite 2 TV Streamers, mics, and other Bluetooth accessories. This has saved a lot of money for loyal ReSound users. Before too much longer, I’m sure Bluetooth standards will be upgraded in new ReSound aids, and then we’ll likely need to replace our accessories when we replace our aids.

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They have already, LE Audio with Auracast is the new standard, no more accessories will be needed for all the latest models, except maybe Phonak, they still have their heads in the sand.


Oh so LE Bluetooth aids will connect directly to TV without a streaming accessory? That’s cool. Wouldn’t the TV need to support LEB though, or will there be backwards compatibility from 2.4 BT in old TVs to new aids? I’d rather buy a new streamer than a new TV. Might need a new mic too, unless the old ones are also supported by LEB.

Yep, it’s the whole reason the new protocol standard was implemented, just to get everything working without all these “others” needed.

Yes ( it’s LE Audio not LEB, (low energy Bluetooth) which is completely different.
Yes it’s gonna be backwards compatible, not sure how far it’ll go tho.

Have a read up here, lots of good information for you.

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Yes, I have been doing further research, and AM concerned about whether our TV can SIMULTANEOUSLY handle BOTH the optical conenction to the TV Streamer AND the regular TV speaker output for my wife and son. I say this because we had to disconnect our sound bar from our TV, even thouygh both the TV and the sound bar are the “LG” brand and were both bought about the same time in 2017 or 2018.

We think something in our Internet/TV connection provider’s setup changed at some point, because both the TV and the sound bar starting cutting out - we lost BOTH the TV show and the sound at the same time, and had to restart the TV and sound bar both. It got to be too much of a hassle.

I wonder if Costco will do a full refund if the TV Streamer turns out to have a similar problem, or if our TV proves unable to handle both the streamer output and the regular speaker output simultaneously. I checked the "“setup” menus, and there IS a setting that says BOTH optical and TV speaker, but the above mentioned “cutting out” problem may also apply there. I know Costco is good about refunds, but a lot of stores will NOT do a refund on anything electronic.

And with Canadian shipping charges, even if I can find an online seller who will agree to a refund if the streamer does not work for us, the return process and costs can both be an issue.

Further research and maybe a refundable local purchase from Costco seem to both be required at this point.

Jim G

Costco (at least in the US, and I think Canada, too) will refund an electronics purchase like this for any reason for 90 days.

I think for hearing aids, it’s six months.

So absolutely, try the streamer out, see if it works with your gear, come back here and ask for help, and if you still cant get it to go, return it for a refund.

It’s hard to say for sure how this will interact with your TV, because there can be TV-model variation in the way these connection ports work with sound. If it doesn’t work the way you want with your TV, it may be possible to connect a switcher, amp, or receiver to the TV audio out port that will give you better control. Or it may be cheaper to buy a different TV that will do what you need.

Thank-you, Hamjor1!

Jim G

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