Conversation while using the Resound/Jabra TV Connector

I wear Jabra Enhance and use the Resound TV Connector. The TV connector program in the Jabra app has separate volume controls for the TV Streamer and for Surroundings.
When I’m in TV Connector mode, my HAs are effectively earplugs for what’s going on around me. I expected that by keeping the TV connector volume low and setting Surroundings on high/full volume, I’d be able to hear my husband. But even if I mute the TV connector & max the “surroundings” volume, I’m not able to hear him. We can only have a convo if I reset the HAs to All-Around (in the app).
Should it be possible to use the TV Connector & still have hearing “boosted” for external sounds?

That defeats the purpose of using the TV streamer.

Then what’s the point of the “Surroundings” volume slider?

I wear Phonak Aids so might not be the same but the program that the TV Connector uses, automatically / default set that program at -6dB which meant I struggled to hear anything but the TV.

It might be similar to your Aids?

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Just wondering if you are having this problem because you are using the Resound TV connector with non Resound aid? Maybe they aren’t fully compatible. Do you use the smart 3D App, are you using iphone?

Your HCP can probably raise the gain of your external mics relative to streaming volume if you want to go that route.

But maybe this will work for you. You may need to reduce the volume of the TV speakers, though, to carry on a conversation while the TV is blaring away through its own (or an amplifier’s) speakers.

I’m assuming the Jabra app as the same controls for the TV Streamer 2 as the ReSound Smart 3D app.

Lower the streaming volume and raise the external mic volume as much as you want with the sliders.

Now go into the Sound Enhancer. Raise the bass, mid-tones, and treble level to the max using the vertical sliders for each. Now voices in the room should be heard relatively loudly compared to TV sound. I just tried it while listening to cat entertainment music (!), and I could converse with Alexa on my Echo Dot with no problem, and Alexa’s voice (as well as my own) sounded relatively loud to me.


This is what I was saying when my Phonak are set to default -6dB. Maybe it would help with @HOHKate??


Thank you, @Zebras and @jim_lewis. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks and will definitely ask!

@jim_lewis Thanks, Jim! I’ll try those adjustments – the Jabra app has similar options. But for the heck of it, I’m downloading Smart 3D – seems like I read elsewhere on the forum that it worked with the Jabras.
I’ll know soon…

@pageskipro Jabras are re-labeled Resounds so the TV Connector works fine with them – and yes, I use an iPhone 14 Pro Max. I LOVE MFi.


Thanks, Jim! I’ll try those adjustments – the Jabra app has similar options. But for the heck of it, I’m downloading Smart 3D – seems like I read elsewhere on the forum that it worked with the Jabras.
I’ll know soon…

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The Jabra and Smart3D have no differences that I could discern; both connected to my Jabras without problems. Both are lousy on Android. They suck juice as if there’s no tomorrow on an iphone, but the apps are very judicious power-wise if you don’t activate (or shut down) the location elements of the app.

The streamer itself can vary volume. I keep my iphone next to me so I can mute the streamer quickly. I can sort of converse if I listen to the TV via its speakers, but the streamed sound, even if it’s soft, is too immediate for me to hear what my W says while the aids are active. If I listen through the TV speakers, though, I need closed captions. I prefer the speaker.

Also, 90% of our viewing is through streaming, so we can stop the show at any time and adjust the HAs. Not ideal, but it lets us converse.

Since I get no delay in transmission, it’s entirely viable to have stream at low volume and let a lot of ambient sound in, but as I say, the sound is too immediate through the HAs for me to converse while the TV is playing.

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You need the Jabra Enhance Pro app. I had both aids at one time. Both could use the Resound Streamer 2 device but each aid had to usse their own app

Like @philbob57 I found the Jabra and Resound apps to be identical – except that the skin on the Resound app is red.

@jim_lewis The adjustments you suggested worked!!! I just need to tweak them til I find the balance of streamed v. external sound that works for me. Thanks again!

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So the Resound app paired to your Jabra aids?

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OOPS – failed to mention that :wink: The HAs paired & the Resound v Jabra app functioned identically. I use an iPhone 14 Pro Max FYI.

I understand they fuction the same, i had both aids and both apps. I just couldn’t pair my Resound One aids to the Jabra app. I didnt try to pair the Jabra’s to the Resound app.
Interesting. Either something changed in the last year or i gave up to soon.
Glad you got it working right

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Yeah definitely that’s strange, because they would need to have the same firmware which they don’t have.

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There was an update to the Jabra app on 2/13/23 and Smart3D two days later. The program support comes from the same address. The apps have different backgrounds, as HOHKate said, but the keystrokes and results were identical for everything I tried.

I was surprised that Smart3D let my Jabras in, and perhaps it won’t in the future.


Why i like the forum. Always learning something…


Jim, i know this is ridiculous, but we too have a cat (or rather, we are hosuehold servants to a cat), and my wife would really like to know where you found “cat entertainment music”! Maybe if you tell me, I can use that to draw her focus away from building a chickenwire “catio” on our home’s deck for the cat!!

Jim G

Jim and others on this thread: When I asked my Costco audi about getting the TV Streamer (now apparently called “TV Streamer 2” for some reason that is not apparent to me), he said basically to try watching TV with just the Jabra Pro 20 HA apir first. He thinks a lot of people won’t hear enough difference to justify the cost, which is apparently aorund or over $300 Canadian.

But those of you on this thread seem to feel that the difference in sound quality, versus running the TV at one comfortable volume for everyone and listening yourself to both TV and your spouse only through the HAs, is enough to jusitfy the cost of the streamer.

If you needed to today again make the buy or not buy decision for the streamer, knowing what you now know and having experienced both ways, would you buy the streamer?

Also, although my audi seemed to think the TV streamer costs $300 or more, one online ReSound dealer here in Canada is advertising the regular price as being about $280 Canadian, and a sale price of $240 or thereabouts.

Jim G

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