Resound Streamer 2

This is what Resound says about the Streamer 2: he ReSound Unite™ TV Streamer 2 transforms your hearing aids into wireless headphones. It sends stereo sound directly from your TV, stereo or computer directly into your hearing aids from up to 23 feet away.

My question is simple: Once I spend roughly $400 and hook it up to a TV, will it also work with my computer if it is no more than 23 feet away, or would I need a second Streamer 2?

I’m assuming that I would need another one, but with Bluetooth technology, I can’t be sure.


I have three streamers, that I bought at Costco. I have one for my computer at work, and one on each of my TV’s at home. The streamer doesn’t do anything bluetooth-related. You take the audio out from the device into the streamer using the supplied cables, and the streamer uses 2.4 GHz radio signals to stream to hearing aids that have been “paired” with the streamer. Pairing simply involves hitting a button on the streamer and after that closing the battery door on your aids to power them up and pair.

Once a streamer is connected to a computer or TV, it can get cumbersome to un-cable it and move it to another device. That’s why I have three, and they were well less than $400 each at Costco.

You can have three streamers or two streamers and a mini-mic paired to your aids.

Thanks very much. I understand and I did think I would need one streamer per device but the Costco streamers I used don’t work with the Linx. They were great with the Future’s. I’d certainly like to spend $169 instead of $400.

Costco recently started selling the Streamer 2. If you’ve had a streamer from Costco for a while, it’s likely the first, analog, version.

I have been using the Unite Mini Microphone ($179 Costco) as a TV streamer to my KS5s (Resound Verso 9) and could not be more pleased. My TV word recognition is nearly 100%. It has a standard stereo audio socket that you can plug in to your headphone jack for TV streaming and is simple to unplug for use as a mic in a noisy restaurant.

I finally got the Streamer 2 connected, using the Optical cable. It’s terrific. I don’t quite understand the volume display that now has four adjustments. Surround sound?

— Updated —

I didn’t use the optical to connect. I connected with the RCA plugs left and right. I let my wife adjust the TV volume to her desired level. I then adjust the Streamer 2 volume. Not sure about optical but with RCA plug connection volume on TV also effects volume on Streamer 2 to my HAs.

I think the cables don’t matter, but do you now show four volume controls?

My TV lets me control whether the audio out is fixed or adjustable, I leave it as adjustable, but have the TV speakers disabled because it’s just me listening. I don’t know how a fixed audio out setting would impact the ability to adjust the volume going to the TV speakers.

No, just one control on the Streamer 2 and volume control on TV. After reading the previous post I changed my outputs to Fixed from variable. Like it better since wife does like to change the volume.

I have tested the the Phone Clip + and the Microphone unit.

The Phone Clip and Microphone unit needs the HA in streaming mode.
Streaming is consuming a lot of the battery power. About 7-8 times more than normal HA operation.
The Phone Clip is also using a bluetooth connection with the phone. That causes also battery drain on the phone.

The Microphone can be placed near the loudspeaker of the TV. It is streaming the TV-sound to the HA.
So it is an alternative for the TV streamer.
I placed the Microphone unit at the back of the TV near the speaker.
The power connector (mini USB) is connected to one of the USB ports of the TV (Samsung)
When I need the Microphone unit on another device/place I disconnect it from the USB.

As i wrote. Disadvantage is the streaming mode that causes battery drain of the HA.
But I think it is an alternative for the TV-streamer. The Microphone unit is smaller and is more portable than the TV-streamer.

(Using Resound verso vo562, with volume/profile controlbutton on the HA)

batteries are dirt cheap compared to any of the streamers… if you have a streamer use it as it was designed and enjoy. connected directly to an audio out on the TV is going to get you much better sound then a microphone laying behind the TV.

You are right. The point is not the price of the batteries, but the hours of battery live.
I was looking for an audio-out port on the TV, but there is only a headphone connector. Tried that and works great.
The only problem is that headphone connector switched off the the speaker output.
So I am using the microphone option. Less quality but still acceptable.

The headphone jack on my TV switches off the speaker sound. So other people in the room can’t hear the TV sound.

Check the back of the set for an auxiliary audio output connector. Many sets have them for driving external amplifiers / speakers. If not, new TVs are a lot cheaper than hearing aids… :smiley:

but the hours of battery live huh?

I was looking for an audio-out port on the TV, but there is only a headphone connector. no audio out? you must have a real old tv

Sorry for the mega-bump

New to this Streamer 2 device, so I’m just learning how to work with it

I just received this device today (with my resound hearing aids) and while the audiologist explained how it works with a stereo/TV, we couldn’t get it to work with my smartphone

So I’m kinda of asking, has anyone tried using it with a laptop/desktop or a smartphone?

Are y’all connecting to a TV or an AV receiver?

I connect my Resound streamer to my Comcast cable box via RCA cables to the box RCA audio outputs (red and yellow). I have another streamer connected to my computer in my home office to listen to the music from the internet or CDs. I also use RCA cable connection to the computer.

Because the streamer connects directly to the HAs by wireless signal, it has a bigger bandwidth than Bluetooth. Consequently, you’ll get CD/hi-fi quality sound (as noted on Resound data specs), which is very helpful to listen to soft/whisper tone dialogue in movies and TV shows. Also, the streaming data goes directly to the processor, bypassing the external mics, so there’s never any issue with feedback or noise suppression that often lessen the quality of music. You also don’t get any artifacts/distortion from TV speakers as well as reverberations in the room. I wear a half-shell ITE style, which keeps the receiver output in the canal, helping to keep the bass at a reasonable level. That’s often an issue for the open fit wearers, which is often resolved by switching to denser domes.

The TV transmitter streams from the TV directly to your hearing aids. You don’t use it with your phone. You could use it with your laptop or desktop, if you didn’t have the Resound Phone Clip+. If you have the PhoneClip+ you would use that with your bluetooth devices (phone, laptop, desktop). I highly recommend the Resound TV transmitter/streamer and the Resound PhoneClip+.

The TV transmitter works very well and is easy and quick to start or stop. I use the Phoneclip+ to connect to my cell phone, office phone and office desktop computer, and my laptop and tablet.

Both devices have rock solid connections.