Resound Smart Fit Software Download

I’d like to tune my LiNX Quattro hearing aids myself. Where can I get the software? Is it relatively easy to do with the Noahlink?


I would like to know this as well, thanks in advance

Hello! I just bought Resound Linx 3D from Costco and I’m looking for Smart Fit software. Can’t seem to get from Resound website (Requires Pro login ?)

Did any of you have success when you looked for Smart Fit ?

Have a great day!

I´m searching for ReSound Smart Fit latest version.
It would be great to get these fitting software
Because I will test some hearing aid devices and compare it with Phonak paradise and widex moment.

PM sent…

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Got my ResoundOnes’ from the VA. It’s very slow getting adjustments. I have a NoahLINK but not the SmartFit software. Any help finding a download? Thanks

Check your messages :grin:

Can you send me a PM too regarding the software?

Done :). It is easy to use which is nice.

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Could you help me too with a download link? I’m eager to get control over my hearing aids.

Welcome to the forums :). Pm sent.


One more connect PM please. Christmas present for me :slight_smile:

Can you help me with the link also?

I presume the software will work with the Costco Jabra Enhance Pro as well as the Resound One’s? May I also get the link? ( as I plan to purchase a Noahlink).

Hello i need PM too pls.

Hello! can you send me too. i have resound one and noahlink

Please send me a PM for the download. I just got my first HAs and went with the Jabras from Costco and my Noahlink just arrived in the mail. Time for DIY fun! Thanks, everyone!!!

I would appreciate Smart Fit link as well for Linx 3D… thanks,

Hi, I’m new here and greet everyone.
I have Resound One hearing aids and I want to adjust them individually. Can anyone help me how to download the program SmartFit?

Following this thread. I need to turn on the tinnitus program in my Resound HA’s