Resound Quattro 9 - Turn off while charging?

Hi All,
I’m wondering if anyone else uses these hearing aids - when I put them in the charger overnight they stay powered on and of course if the bluetooth is on on my phone, they stay connected to it meaning any video/audio calls from my phone still play through them.
Easily fixed by turning off the bluetooth connection to them but still seems like a silly issue.

This happens whether i put them straight into the charger from wearing, or if I power them off first then place in the charger. Any way to fix so they stay turned off whilst charging, or are these faulty, or is it an issue everyone has?

Are you using an iPhone? If so, how is your Audio Routing set in Settings, Accessibility, Hearing Devices, Audio Routing. You might try the Automatic option rather than the Always Hearing Devices routing option if that’s what you’re currently set on.

I’m surprised that phone calls are still routed to your HA’s. At least for an iPhone, the Quattros are not fully on when being charged (try changing or even accessing HA programs via the Smart 3D app when the aids are in the charger, for instance).

The HA’s being “on” when being charged is a FEATURE and not a BUG. For instance, in the Smart 3D app you can read the state of charge of each HA whereas the charger case only shows the status of the HA that has the lowest charge. Also, unlike aids with disposable batteries where you have to open and close the battery doors of each aid in succession, to reboot a ReSound rechargeable all you have to do is place the aids SIMULTANEOUSLY in the charger until the LEDs start blinking, then remove them. That feature is very handy for pairing or if one is a DIY’er, to reboot the aids to connect to a Noahlink Wireless device.

I have rechargeable Quattro 9 aids, so I can tell you how it should be. If you are using the proper Resound charger then they should turn off when you put them in and turn on again when you take them out. If they aren’t doing this then as it affects both hearing aids, I suggest you have a charger fault of some sort. The reading of level of charge indicator mentioned by @jim_lewis still works and I don’t believe that the Bluetooth routing setting on your phone has any effect on this.

And you can put them in one at a time to turn them off Jim. It doesn’t need to be simultaneously. After my ear operation, I used one aid and left one in the charger for a few days. There were no issues. Same with the Resound One by the way.

Anyway the OP’s are definitely not working as they should.

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So, David, if you look again, I put the word “on” in quotation marks. The hearing aids are not “on” when they’re in the charger in the sense that they don’t function as hearing aids and don’t receive commands from a smartphone. But technically, they are definitely ON in the sense that electricity is coursing through their veins (or what makes their LED flash?!) and ON in the sense that they detect, probably by magnetic induction or RF communication with the charger, as to when they’re removed. I mentioned in the first second paragraph of my previous post that, to the best of my knowledge, my Quattro 961’s are inoperative as HA’s when in the charger but they are ON as electronic devices.

The ReSound manual is a bit ambiguous on ON and OFF. At the start of manual section 7.3, the manual says the hearing aids are turned ON when removed from the charging case. OK, if they’re turned ON, maybe that means they must have been officially OFF, according to ReSound, in the charging case. But yet in the second note of section 7.3, it says that if the HA’s are left in the charging case for 24 hours, they will automatically be turned OFF. How can something that’s already OFF in the charging case, according to you and ReSound, be turned OFF again after sitting 24 hours in the case?! So, I think this whole thing is an exercising in splitting hairs and ReSound has proved that it, as the source of information, is not very good with definitions of ON or OFF.

The mention of simultaneously putting aids into the charger to reboot was just a comparison, as I thought was evident, compared to disposables, where to open and close the battery doors to reboot, you have to do it one by one. So, there’s a miniscule advantage of ease and efficiency in being able to reboot both rechargeable aids at the same time and not have to be fumbling with them one at a time. That’s all that’s meant there. Obviously, if you can do both together, why shouldn’t you be able to do them one by one if you wanted? Being able to do both together certainly doesn’t imply you can’t do them one by one.

I think we are both over-thinking this. The Quattro 9 should not be on and connectable by streaming from an iPhone when they are in the charger. The charging signalling is just another circuit in the hearing aid that does stay on. If they are sufficiently on to take phone calls in the charger, something is wrong and as it affects both aids, it’s probably a charger fault.

It’s as simple as that!

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Where do phone calls and streaming go when they are “on” in the charger? If phone calls, streaming and such act as if the hearing aids aren’t there, its a feature, not a bug. If they are unavailable because they’re going to the hearing aids, it’s a bug. The app may see them so you can check the charge, and that’s OK.

It all works fine. There is no bug. The iPhone just streams them to the iPhone loudspeaker, unless someone has another accessory connected to their iPhone.

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Hi, no I’m using Android.

Everything else connectivity wise works without major issue, and I’m using the original charging case and cable that’s 2 weeks or so old.

I’ve just tested again and once inserted into the charger, they remain connected to my phone BUT do not audibly play anything when pressing play on Spotify/YouTube etc. Same for phone calls I would assume but not tested yet.

The media does act as if it’s being played somewhere, just the sound doesn’t come out, and as they don’t disconnect from bluetooth my phone still assumes the audio should be sent there unless I manually disconnect.

I suspect that this is just yet another example of android not working properly.


What phone do you have? I have a S20+ that doesn’t have those issues at all. I do have different aids, mine are the Resound One 9 rechargeables and I never turn them off. They go from my ears to the charger without a peep, regardless of calls or streaming. My 3d app stays green and shows charging level when aids are placed in the charger but when I wake up in the morning and look at my phone, the app shows red and shows fully charged until i remove them from the charger, then everything goes green. My charger is the standard one. Maybe turn off app notifications? But mine is set to receive notifications. Weird your aids are possessed :ghost:

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Adding to long list…

I have a Samsung Galaxy Fold 3. Yeah it’s weird. As annoying as it is I can fix it by turning bluetooth off, just rather it be easier!

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You may have luck by clearing the Bluetooth cache and your 3-D app cache
My Bluetooth app was hidden under the system apps So was a little hard to find but by clearing my Bluetooth cache it cleared a lot of Bluetooth issues up.
Here is a few screen shots of where my Bluetooth app was located. Go to Settings, then Apps and look for the 3 shaded lines that I circled in red. Click that and turn on SHOW SYSTEM APPS circled in red. Now you can located the phone BT app to clear the cache. Can’t hurt to try…

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Just to add as to what’s “on” when a ReSound Quattro 961 is in its charging case charging, BT streaming from the HA’s also stays on. You can use “Find My Hearing Aids” in the My ReSound part of the 3D app to locate your HA’s both by signal strength and map position. 3rd Party iOS apps such as Battery Life or BT scanners also detect the HA’s while in the charging case, e.g., to read the state of charge of each HA, for instance.

So, I think neither of us can say exactly what’s on or off or what circuits are involved except to say the device, as you say, is not in its normal functional hearing aid state, but it is on and consuming electricity in several distinct ways.

Another way to tell that HA function is turned off when the devices are inserted into the charging case is that you can get a lot of feedback just as the receivers go into the charging bay to designed to hold them. The feedback stops as soon as the HA bodies, though, are inserted into their charging slots.

So, if @darrenjames84’s HA’s were truly on when he inserted them and he has a lot of high frequency amplification programmed in like I do, the squealing might never stop! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes we are agreeing.

SmartFit can’t find the aids if they are connected to the IOS Smart 3D app, presumably because the Bluetooth is busy. And it can tell if the aids are being charged and wont/can’t connect to them in that state, but tells you to take them out of the charger. Once you are connected to SmartFit, the Resound Remote can’t connect to the aids.

Also SmartFit and the Smart 3D app tell you to restart your aid at various points (basically to ensure that it is connecting to the correct pair of hearing aids). On rechargeables it tells you to put them into the charger and then take them out again, but on the Quattro 9 with ordinary cells (I also have a pair of those) it tells you to open and close the battery compartment door.

Anyway all of this just reinforces that the Quattro 9 should not remain fully functionally on while it is charging.

While charging my aids today, I noticed something else that might be used to tell if the aids somehow think they are mistakenly fully on when in the charger. When an aid is on and fully functioning as an HA, in the Smart 3D app the aid icon is symbolically connected to the phone icon by a solid green line. When when the aid is in the charging case and charging, the connecting line becomes a dashed green line. I guess speculating on what might show up in an abnormal dysfunctional aid is a bit whacky, but one might predict if an aid in a charger were mistakenly fully on as the OP worried might be happening, then one might expect the aid icon to be connected to the phone icon in the 3D app by a solid green line, even though the aid is in the charger.

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I know this is an old thread, but I have the same issue and wanted to confirm that it is not an isolated event. I have Linx Quattro hearing aids, 961 as I recall, and an Android Pixel 6 Pro. When I get home and put my hearing aids in the charger, phone calls still go to the hearing aids. In addition, if I use another Bluetooth device, the phone will periodically switch back to the hearing aids as active. It is very frustrating and is no doubt another of many Android bugs. I wish the hearing aid manufacturers were fussier about details like this. I realize that they are somewhat at the mercy of Google, but they have more clout than individual users do. I complained to Resound long ago about other issues and got nowhere. They don’t seem to care, and I will be looking at another manufacturer for my next hearing aids. (I realize that another manufacturer may have even bigger issues, but it can’t hurt to look.)

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Thanks for confirming that, I did wonder if mine were faulty.
Yeah I still have the same issue - and have to turn off Bluetooth on my phone when I charge them.

Also I may aswell ask you - how is the overall connection via Bluetooth with you? I find it pretty bad - I find when sitting still and listening to/watching things on my phone, eventually the Bluetooth will start stuttering and eventually 1 aid will disconnect, and then the other will soon after, with the only way to get them both connected and running again is by the restarting the phone, aids, AND closing the app i was using before the stuttering started.

I also find the connection to have a shockingly short distance you can move your phone to without getting the dreaded stuttering again…to the point where if I’m walking with Spotify playing, and put my phone in either of my trouser pockets…they can’t keep a stable connection and I’m back to the stuttering. Unless I hold the phone pretty much in the centre of my upper body, it’s no good.

People have also said they can barely hear me on the phone when streaming calls through them, and I have a feeling the sound comes from the phone’s microphone instead of the aids which seems odd - but I could be incorrect there.

How are these things with you?

They fixed it in the Omnia hearing aid, this is not a phone issue. it is a HA issue… Omnia actually deregister the Streaming protocol when charging so phome doesn’t connect to it thinking it is on…

Resound Quattro stays connected because phone think it is on…

Another analogy: Person is like send me data and I am ready to work on it when in reality person have been sleeping the entire time…

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These ReSound ones are my first HAs ever, and this Pixel phone is the first one that could stream to them. I love being able to stream at all, but it is so buggy that I would not claim it to be a working feature.

The big problems for me are the following:

  1. When streaming content (podcasts, music, phone calls), it will be okay for 3-10 minutes, and then one side will break up and eventually drop out. Within moments, the other side will break up and eventually drop out. Streaming stops entirely. The Bluetooth connection is still good at this time, and I can use the app to control volume, change programs, etc. But streaming stops. If it’s a phone call, you have to switch to the phone speaker or speakerphone. If it’s a streaming service, you can either pause it for a few minutes or go to airplane mode briefly so it resets. Then it’ll be okay for 5 minutes before doing it again.
  2. The issue this thread is about where it ties up the phone’s output while in the charger. I want to use a different Bluetooth device, but it keeps switching back to the hearing aids unless I turn Bluetooth off.
  3. The streamed audio is really tinny. I have only high frequency hearing loss and use open domes, so the hearing aids boost only high frequencies. But when creating audio from streaming, they need to create the whole frequency spectrum, plus extra high frequency boost for my hearing loss. It seems like they are not creating the whole spectrum, so only the boost part gets generated. Whatever the cause, it is bad. Note that I have streamed to these HAs from an iPad and they sounded pretty good. I think it is a poor Android implementation.
  4. There is another Android bug where is the hearing aids are connected but the phone’s audio is active, it only goes to the speakerphone at full volume and there is no way to change it. I think it is part of the same problem where the phone thinks the HA volume is being controlled even though the sound isn’t going there.
  5. In Android, there is no way to disable the active audio stream in the settings. You can enable it if not already enabled and you can switch to another device, but you can’t make it not active once it is active.

I do not have any Bluetooth range issues. If anything, it’s really impressive.

I have contacted both ReSound and Google about these issues. Google replied that they were aware that they had Bluetooth connection issues and they were fixing them. I think they have lots of issues, they fixed them, and these hearing aid issues remain. ReSound in Europe responded right away and said that since I am in the USA, the U.S. team will provide support. US support never responded.

Lastly, I have trialled the latest Starkey hearing aids. They have bugs themselves, but not exactly the same. Streaming for them also cut out, but usually after 10-15 mines and sometimes not for 40 minutes. The stream was really good, not tinny at all. They did have the problem where they stayed connected while in the charger.

If anyone from Google or ReSound reads this and wants to work with a user to solve these issues, feel free to contact me. I don’t know the cause but I can find the problems and tell you if they get solved.