ReSound One Hearing Aids Now Offer Hands-Free iPhone Streaming

My Resound Ones show version and say they are up to date.
Why are there so many different versions?
Are we all up to date?
Different versions for different countries?

Be interesting to know.

I have found in the past that the Smart 3D phone app can say that firmware is up-to-date yet if one looks for an update with the latest version of Smart Fit find yet a higher version number firmware update. I wish ReSound would be more specific about what an update entails and whether it’s major, minor, must-have or not.


I phoned ReSound in Minnesota and was given an answer… the newest update for US the market is and that in European countries they do have different updates… also still no news on when the NEW hands free update will be released

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I wish they put out a description of what the updates were…

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Customer service emailed me saying that hands-free calling would be released within the next several months.

It’s really hard to know with these things. I don’t know Resound’s history, but I know other hearing aid brands have made promises that never happened, or happened after a much longer time frame than initially promised.

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I imagine with the official press release and that Apple supports this technology even without going into 5.2/5.3 technology that it will happen. Just my thoughts. I’m guessing there have been delays in implementation based on unexpected factors. I’m just glad customer service was aware this was still to be released!

Seems like someone else confirmed ReSound’s handsfree is already in effect? Hands-free MFI for Oticon More.. any updates?

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I’m still waiting. I’m in the United States. I have software version 9.10.10 according to the Resound Smart 3D app’s “Hearing aid software updates” page. There is no update for me as of yet.

I was told in an email from Resound that it would take a few months after the expected December 2021 release to roll out.

Mine says my hearing aid software is up to date. And Current software version"

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Which Resound hearing aid do you have? Is it the Resound Smart app or Resound Smart 3D app?

My old HA’s are Resound Linx2 and I used the Resound Smart app. My new one are Resound One and I’m using the Resound Smart 3D app

So the firmware version thing is odd - I have the jabra (same as the one) and initially had 4.X and the app said up to date. However the smart fit software (pc app the Adjuster uses) said there was an update to 9.x which she did. I don’t notice a difference though. My ios app does state the current version is up to date as well…

My audiologist asked a Resound rep, and they said if it’s been recently updated (I assume so because my One is new), then there’ll be a firmware update through the app on/around February 24th.

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I received this e-mail today from Re Sound

I had talked with you a while back when you were enquiring about the hands-free calling feature we are adding to the ReSound ONE hearing aids. I’m happy to say that this is being released tomorrow!

For the hands-free feature, your hearing care provider will need to do a firmware upgrade on your hearing aids. It is also only compatible with the iPhone SE, 11, 12 and 13.


Just looking back at my original post in October when they announced this. Firmware update that enabled this was supposed to happen in December. It’s almost March and it’s finally happening. Industry sure does like to get ahead of itself.

Resound is very bad about announcing features waaaay before they are available.

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It’s not just Resound. I think it’s near universal and not just with hearing aids.

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Wait. Why would the hearing care professional need to do this when we can download Resound software updates on our phone?

Do you download the update directly or is it through a hearing care provider?