ReSound One Hearing Aids Now Offer Hands-Free iPhone Streaming

This was news to me:


It will be interesting to see if the firmware update also adds this feature to Jabra aids.


Awesome! I suspect they will also update the jabras and that would be quite welcome :slight_smile:

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After wearing them 4 months my Jabra’s are nearly perfect. This would make them perfect for me!


Interesting that Apple has had the hardware available for this since the iPhone 11. Note to people who want to try this out–you’ll need an iPhone 11 or later. I’m unclear if it would be compatible with the iPhone SE (2020). It uses the same cpu as the iPhone 11 so I would think it might.
Edit: Pretty sure SE(2020) should be compatible as it was released later than the 11 models and the release states those models and later.

Wow. This is a feature I didn’t expect until 5.2 Low Energy Audio was standardized.

The Resound ONE has 5.2 Bluetooth, according to, and is firmware upgradeable to LE Audio from what I heard.

But I guess Apple adding it to their platform allowed the older LE technology to be used?

The latest iPhones have Bluetooth 5.0 and not 5.2.

iPhones have had Bluetooth 5 since the iPhone 8 and X models, yet this feature is only available on 11 and later models. Anybody have any insight into what the differences are?

I looked up the recent iPhones on and at least version 12 has Bluetooth 5.1 despite Apple advertising Bluetooth 5.0. So this may be why the newer iPhones support it.

EDITED TO ADD: Below, I attached a screenshot from’s Find a Product that lists model numbers for the iPhone 13 that are included in the group of the iPhone 12 with Bluetooth 5.1.

I think you’re probably right. iPhone 11 also supports BT 5.1.

Yeah. The “Find a Product” page is really interesting because it’ll show the version of Bluetooth supported before the manufacturer does! Interestingly, the latest MacBooks are 5.0. But I’m interested to when Apple introduces 5.2 for their MacBooks as there’s potential for a direct computer connection with a hearing aid using 5.2 LE Audio.

It’s kind of strange too as I couldn’t find some products (iPhone SE (2020) for instance) I wonder if they don’t bother certifying some products? All a mystery to me.

I couldn’t find the iPhone 13. I wonder if it doesn’t have Bluetooth 5.2 but they’re just not claiming (just as the 11 and 12 didn’t claim 5.1) Cany you find the iPhone 13?

I know that Apple’s tech specs did not advertise the iPhone as having 5.2. I’m guessing it’s 5.1 but advertised as 5.0.

But maybe it’ll be listed in December. I see that the iPhone 12 was listed in December of last year and I believe it had been out for a while.

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Its shame from what I heard this will not be on the quattro’s, being the previous model, I guess nearly 3yrs old now to much to ask, whether its hard ware or software i dont know.

Oh! I just checked the Find a Product website and the iPhone TBD models include those of the 13. I Googled the model numbers listed after iPhone TBD. And this is part of the huge list of Apple products, including the iPhone 12 and others that have Bluetooth 5.1.

I was thinking previously it might not always appear immediately. But nonetheless these products are on there now.

I have attached a screen shot. I imagine the TBD will eventually be renamed to 13. Each of the model numbers that follows this is a version of the iPhone 13.

So, they’re using a 5.1 chip. It’s unlikely to be 5.2. I imagine the iPhone 14 will have the 5.2 chip. I wanted to upgrade my phone this year. I know I could still do that and then buy an iPhone compatible with 5.2 when the time comes. Android already supports it in certain phones, so it is disappointing.

iPhone 13 (202.0 KB)

Good sleuthing! Be aware that phones with BT 5.2 MAY be compatible with LE audio, there’s no guarantee at this point. One source said BT 5.3 would be required.

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Interesting. I’ve heard of Bluetooth 5.3, but LE Audio is said to come with 5.2 as well. Why wouldn’t it? I’m just curious as I’ve seen 5.2 and LE Audio be an option starting with this version.

I believe I saw a brochure online for the Cochlear BAHA Max 6 that says it’s LE Audio Ready. It has 5.2 Bluetooth.

Yes, some have claimed future compatibility. Bottom line: I just don’t trust them.

There was a webinar linked to in the LE Audio thread where a couple of participants said that phone manufacturers might wait until 5.3 chips were available before including LE Audio. BT 5.2 or greater is a necessary and sufficient requirement I think. I don’t recall anyone saying exactly why manufacturers might wait for 5.3. BT SIG has been big on promotional videos but .short on detail on things like that.