Resound Nexia, Google 8, ASHA protocol, Bluetooth Streaming Audio Quality

Hello all. New member. I am trialing the Resound Nexia. During the start of the trial I had an old Google Pixel 3A, and just upgraded Thursday to the Google Pixel 8. The problem I am having is with the sound quality duing Audio Streaming of apps and phone calls. The sound quality is bad. There doesn’t seem to be any parameters with regard to my prescription level. The best I can describe it is crass, intense, painful, sometimes with tapping and pounding that is occuring in my ear. This occurs at normal and minimal hearing levels. In order for it not to “hurt” or seem obtrusive I must turn the volume down to a point that I can barely hear. I may as well go without the HA. My question is does this have to do with (in)capabilites within the ASHA protocol to stream, or is my Audiologist missing something in the settings to set the streaming to my prescriptive level? Also, nothing changed as far as streaming audio quality from the Pixel 3A to the Pixel 8 unfortunately.

For questions like this, it would really help to have your audiogram. (Click on FORUM at top of page, then My Hearing Tests) Most people complain of sound quality from streaming due to lack of bass. This is especially true for those with a high frequency loss. You may have something else going on. How sensitive are you to loud sounds in general?

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I do not have a current audiogram, but I can obtain one Monday 1/24. I am also going to stream through a Iphone on Monday to see if the quality is the same.

I’ve got a Pixel 8 Pro and Jabra Enhance 10 aids. The aids are very similar to Resound Omnia aids, the previous generation to what you’re trialling. I’m not experiencing issues like the ones you’re describing. The sound is roughly in line with my expectations given the tiny speaker in my ear. It’s definitely using my prescription.

Just to confirm… you were getting those uncomfortable sounds with the older Pixel as well?

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Yes. It made no discernible difference.

I was wondering whether there was some unwanted interaction going on between LE Audio and ASHA (both your phone and your aids can do both). That theory’s out the window.

Trying the iphone would be interesting and may help your audiologist narrow things down, but I think there’s a problem with how they’ve set things up. I’ve tried both mfi and ASHA btw, and if there is a difference it’s not pronounced.

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Resound Nexia Streaming Audio Quality @radio_davio It seems you may be experiencing similar problems.

@Mart_C This is exactly where we headed with regards to my issue with improving sound quality. So far in my trial, I changed domes, with a closed dome on my left, and a single vent on my right. It improved bass, not too much, but i’ll take it. The next thing we did was go to the music program. It was only slightly better than my all around program but I had the audi make big changes lowering the treble and the middle, and increasing the bass. It is the best sound i’v had so far when making phone calls, and streaming. I go back in to tweak it tomorrow. I am still stumped as to why my all around setting is so intense when streaming and on phone calls. I will re address with my audi, and maybe attempt to call Resound on my own to help explain this. Again, it is as though their is no prescriptive sound, but high, crass, tinny, makes my stapes go thump thump thump (i’m guessing) instense sound, at a reasonable volume level. Back to the audi tomorrow to continue the experiement on the google 8. The iphone experiment help very little btw.

I have a pixel 8 and a resound Nexia And have the same problem with streaming and phone calls - the sound quality is appalling. I told my audiologist who applied the same settings to her iPhone and the quality of sound was perfect. I am very upset as I have just bought my phone and had no idea this. I would have this problem. My audiologist suggests that I switch off my hearing aid when I’m streaming are using my phone!! I have earbuds for streaming when I’m outside in traffic and it seems that I should be using these when I’m outside and not my hearing aid.

I have the Galaxy S23 and a Jabra Enhance Pro 20 which should be a similar setup. I had that initial experience as well. Things I have done to get nice streaming are:

1st turn LE Audio is off. Despite it having good sound quality It has connection problems and you want to avoid that initially. In settings connections Bluetooth there’s a settings wheel for your hearing aids. In there you can switch LE audio off if it is on. That way you work in ASHA mode. It is much more stable. You can turn back on later but you have to toggle Bluetooth disconnect and reconnect the hearing aids at times. I found it frustrating at first especially…

I assume you have high frequency loss as I do. It is most common.

I switched from open domes to closed domes as it keeps the bass from leaking out when streaming.

Make sure you have a music program set up. Really opens up sound spectrum.

In my fitting software I had my HCP increase the base from 125 hz to 750 hz in the music program.

In the fitting software under accessories for the phone. There is a Streaming Bass Boost slider That defaults to mild. I don’t know why it it defaults to that. It doesn’t make any sense as everyone complains about it. Raise that up!

These changes have made a remarkable difference to my streaming. I hope it helps for yours as well. Good luck.

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To turn off LE Audio system-wide on the Pixel 8 (last I checked, anyway) you go into Developer options.

To get into developer options:

Go to Settings->About phone, scroll all the way down and tap the Build number 7 times . After entering your screen lock, developer options will be enabled

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Hands-free calling works only with LE Audio enabled doesn’t it?

I’m not sure how it is with Resound but in Signias fitting software there’s separate equaliser for streaming, and more often than not you basically have to offset your prescription (it’s what it does by default too).

Also, LE A connectivity issues seem to vary greatly between phone brands, and the implementations differ (unfortunately).

Yes, but @Jayne_B can turn it back on when his streaming is tuned. It does not effect the prescription. If he leaves it on, fine, it just adds more issues at the beginning with sound to only one ear at times while streaming and on phone calls.
It is good to know how to turn it off and on however. I am just trying to ease his initial frustration on what is an awesome HA and can have good streaming when fitted appropriately.


Seems so. I saw somewhere that Pixels will get an update shortly that improves stability for LE Audio.

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And Samsung seems to be doing their own thing, yet again… and messing things up, yet again…

Yes, @Reginald , I leave LE Audio off on my Samsung 50% of the time it seems. In particular I turn it off when a phone call has sound quality issues. Then I leave it off till I really want hands free or want the LE for hours of streaming. I like it a lot but I too am waiting on a stability update. Maybe with Android 15?

Android 15 will have a huge LE A update, because it’s supposed to bring Auracast. So hopefully…

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Hello all. I discovered in February that my brand new Google Pixel 8’s LE Audio was only in beta. Could have been the problem. There may have been an update since then, but I decided to turn the phone back in to my provider, and I got the brand new Galaxy S24 with LE Audio and Auracast. I continued my Nexia trial. It was definitely an improvement, but the sound quality when streaming and in taking phone calls still left much to be desired. One thing for sure I am looking to work around is max volume. I closed domed one ear and 1 vented the other, however I max volume on steaming and on phone calls with the hearing aids. I think there is a developer mode override that may help this. If I plug in(corded)earbuds to stream or talk, the volume is fine and volume control is only halfway up. When bluetooth with earbuds OR my hearing aids in I must max the volume, and then it is just adaquate with the sound volume. Also the sound quality is just soo weak. I also adjusted mid and treble way down, and boosted bass, and created my own “streaming” mode program in the Smart 3D app for music and calls. It helped, but still needed tweaking. Ultimately I stopped the trial and am taking a break for a few months. I know I want LE Audio and auracast, and I now have my Samsung Galaxy S24. What I am looking for is an Audiologist in the Tampa FL area who is extremely Resound knowledgeable and able to afford time, diligence, and shared enthusiasm with me to get me optimized. Does anyone have leads? Willing to travel 1 hr for Resound expertise. Also, any more chatter on Android 15 solving issues? Thank you all for listening

Search in settings for:
Media volume limit
Adapt sound

Then install Sound Assistant from the Galaxy Store.
Individual App Volumes, is one thing I really like. When I go to adjust sound I can see and separately adjust the app volume and the system volume. For instance, Spotify comes in too hot for me. I can turn it’s volume down and then the system is more granular. Before I had to keep the volume all the way down when I wanted quiet streaming while listening to others in the background…lol


I started working on that. I think it seemed to help with the corded earphones/buds but not bluetooth. Also it reads double negative which is/has been confusing. I will do more research, which is how I found the developer mode for increasing bluetooth volume. I have not gone into developer mode with this Samsung yet. Since I no longer have the HA’s I am using Samsung earbuds, both plug in and bluetooth. I intend to continue with this very soon. With regard to Media volume limit, here is my setting:

So does ON mean I now have a limit, or does it mean I am overriding the limit…you see my double negative interpretation. I slid the bar max to the right, where the max is “in the red”