Resound multi mic built-in rechargeable battery

Did anyone tried to replace the built in rechargeable battery of Resound multi mic. How much mAh is the battery of Resound multi mic. Also can the Resound multi mic instead of battery powered be changed into Ac power just like the TV Connector.

Check this out:

Scroll down page as necessary to see photos. Probably using the FCC ID you might find the same stuff on the actual FCC site but I happened to have saved this link to a 3rd party site.

Thank you . I recently purchased Resound Enzo Q 998 along with Multi mic so that’s why I was asking about Multi mic.

One more question is it lithium battery or lithium polymer battery.

See the following post. It’s a Li-po battery. See p.11 of manual about not wearing device when plugged in!