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Went to my Audi today to place an order for the Resound Vevos model 961 or 962 when she told me that Resound will be sending her hardware and software for a new model called Linx. Seems the Linx has the ability to change volume thru your Iphone. Also it is supposed to have the latest and fastest Resound technology. I did not place my order today and she is supposed to get back with me next week when she has the Linx in hand. I will then have to make a choice between the Linx or the 9XX models. As a general rule I never like to buy anything mechanical or electrical when it is “new” because of potential bugs. But since this will be my first aids I want to be sure I have the latest technology.

Does anyone know anything about this new model?

Would you purchase aids that are this new to the public?

Thanks for your input.





I’m a beta testen of the Resound Linx. It’s my first hearing aid so i can’t compare with other models but I can say I like it very much.
it’s possible to change volume on my iPhone, ik can also change to several profiles like outdoor, music, etc…
It’s also possible to define places. For instance, I sing in a choir and i made some specific settings on my iphone. After defining those setting i can add these to a specific location based on GPS. So when i’m entering this area within say 50 meters i hear a sound on my hearing aid and the setting for this area are set.

regards Geert



How is the Resound Linx in a music setting?



Hi, geertkb
I have not seen hearing aids ReSound LiNX. Now I have so little information about Linx.
Can you answer a few questions?

  1. Has a programming slot In the hearing aids ReSound Linx? Was Your Audi programmed your LiNX via Bluetooth or cable?
  2. Can you connect hearing aids ReSound LiNX with your computer or laptop via Bluetooth? Is software Windows included?

Thank you :confused:



Yes, Geert. I too would be very interested in finding more out about these aids as I will possibly be getting a pair in late March.
What battery does it use? How has the battery life been? Can you turn the volume of a phone conversation up/down while you are on the phone? Do you have any problems with feedback?

Please do let us know.
Thank you,



Once again can you people put up your audiogram in your signature? Typically only audi or very new users post without an audiogram here.

The only new feature I read from all this is that we can do away with a remote and instead use an iphone to control the aids. but that will come with a lot of annoyances as you may loose control over your aids when the phone is being charged. Of course you can just hang around your phone while it’s being charged. also black outs will become even more annoying as you may loose all control over your aids along with having to waste battery power to adjust your aids during those times.

here’s the thread regarding this topic

imo all this is just so gimmicky.



What I am curious about is if the sound reproduction quality is improved based on their new processor. They seem to claim this but it will be interesting to see what real experience shows.

By the way, just figured out how to edit my signature so my audiogram can show.




I’m a new member of this forum, and have not seen any reviews as yet on the Linx. So this may be the first. I have using hearing aids for 8 years. The latest being a three generation old pare of Re-sound. With less than 24 hours experience the first impression of the new Linx is very positive. First, as general hearing aids, they are far superior to my previous pair. My wife has noticed I have not ask her to repeat herself since i’ve had them. However as of yet, I have not been experienced a wide range of noise situations.

The interface with my iPhone is impressive, however again, it has only been 24 hours, and perhaps 6 phone calls. Sound quality is excellent, and reports of my voice have been also excellent, even with the iPhone in my shirt pocket, under a sweater. Only issue is that there is a delay between the point of connecting with a call and the time the sound is heard in the hearing aids. Perhaps 3 seconds for one ear, and a couple more for the second.

The app does a good job of adjusting the volume, and tone. During a call the phone adjusts the volume of the call, and the app adjust the ambient sound.

Tried out iTunes music and it was excellent.

This was the first units my audiologist paired, and it took a while, including a call to Re-Sound, but once that was accomplished, the hearing aids have paired, after each disconnect, without problems.

The “Place” function is geographical, using the iPhone location system to identify locations. I’m not sure of the benefit of this vs. using the old mode function, but we’ll see.

I have a follow-up visit with my audiologists on Monday, to do additional tweaking of the system.

At this point I think Re-Sound should consider a compressive user manual for the overall system.

I can see some potential improvements in the app, but all in all and am very very satisfied with them.



Hi all, for those interested, one of the readers at my blog posted the longest review of the LiNX I have been able to find online, just scroll down to the comments section, here. I would have copied and pasted it here but I don’t have his permission.



Hi Jeff: I’m very new to this Forum, so, If you were referring to my post, you have my permission do with it whatever you would like. I hope it helps anyone considering the Linx.

Dave Mitchell



Thanks for the insights. The delay in establishing sound connections between the iphone and the Linx would become frustrating for me. I can understand why they may not maintain a persistent connection in order to conserve power, but this is likely an area where the technology will need to improve.




I picked up a set of the GN Resound Linx 961s yesterday from my audiologist. I have an iPhone 5s and I bought the Resound Unite TV streamer. I’ll post my assessment very shortly…

I downloaded the Resound Smart App for the iPhone and have it paired with the aids. I have 3 out of a total of 4 programs that can be applied to the aids and those can be chosen from the Smart App or by pressing the button on 1 of the aids for accessing the 3 programs.
First, let me say that my Phonak Exelias were very good aids and I thought that they had very good sound. After not quite 24 hours, I am willing to say that the Linx sound is more “True to Life” than the Phonaks were. The sound in general seems more like my normal hearing was before I lost the high frequencies. they make the Phonaks sound very “Tinny”. In a nut shell, I am very impressed with the sound generated and it is very life like, the best I have heard in a long time!
I tested out the phone and it is a bit different than using the Phonaks with the iCom. I guess to save power, the phone only connects when you make or receive a call, although in the Smart App, it says the phone is connected all the time. I guess it is but the sound only starts streaming when you receive or make a call unless you are listening to music. You get a tone when the right aid connects and then another tone when the left aid syncs with the right. All this takes about 2, maybe 3 seconds. When making a call, you do not hear the rings in your aids like I did with the Phonaks and iCom. The rings only come from the phone itself and are not sent to the aids. When answering the phone, you can choose whether to use the aids, the speaker phone or just the phone itself. I find this does take a bit longer when answering so, I just wait until I hear the tone that tells me the iPhone connected before I say hello. This helps alleviate the frustration of missing the 1st few words of the conversation. I have seen where some folks think that having to place the phone to your ear due to having to use the microphone on the phone to transmit my voice is a problem. I look at this as being able to use a phone like people that don’t have a hearing loss. So, if I have to act like my disability isn’t there, then the aids have moved me back into the normal world and out of the diabled world. This is a benefit to me! Also, I tested with using the speakerphone and that worked very well also. The person on the other end could hear me well enough that I could just lie the phone on the desk in front of me and talk.
The Smart App allows you to adjust the volume of one aid at a time or link them and adjust both at the same time. You can also adjust the Treble/Bass from the App and it adjusts both aids when changed. You can not individually adjust one of the aids with the Treble/Bass tool. You can also adjust the volume and Treble/Bass for a certain place and save that GPS location in your “My Places” in the App and everytime you get within a few meters of that GPS location, you hear a tone and the aids adjust to your previously set saved adjustments. You can override this if needed. Very nice!
The Smart App also has a Tutorial to help familarize yourself with its functions and how it works with simple diagrams and words. You can use the “Finder” function in the Smart App if you happen to mis-place your aids and can’t find them. I could have used this when I lost my Phonaks at a Home Depot a few years back. There is also battery status info in the App. There is a “Quick Start” tutorial that shows the diagrams of your hearing aid model (whether or not you have the Linx 9 or Linx 7, how to pair the aids to your phone, how to turn them on & off, how to insert & remove them (with domes or moulds), the program button on the aids and the battery size and placement for your aids. There is also melody player to help you familarize yourself with the different tones and what they mean that you hear when things are happening with the aids. There is a maintenance guide that shows basic maintenance duties with pictures. It gives you info on how to clean your tubes and domes, cleaning moulds, changing domes, changing tulip domes, and changing the wax guard. There is also a troubleshooting guide that isn’t that helpful unless this the ist time you have used hearing aids. It gives info on whistling/feedback, distorted/unclear sound, no sound and no connection.
I also bought the Resound Unite TV Streamer. I hooked it up last night to check it out. My wife was watching American Idol so I thoght that would be a great test. I first listened via only the hearing aids and I thought it was pretty good sound. I then turned on the Unite TV streamer and the sound changed dramatically. It sounded like surround sound and I was able to hear the words in songs much better. I am extremly pleased with the Unite. A plus is that you can press and dold the button one of your aids for 3 seconds to start streaming. A short press turns off the stream. So when those damn load commercials kick in, I justt press the button and viola, no more irratating loud commercials stright to the aids. A plus in my book!
One other thing is that a triple click on the iPhone home button brings up the Hearing Aids in the Settings>General>Accessibility>Hearing Aids>Devices of the iPhone. Here, even in a locked screen, you can adjust the volume of the R & L aids together or independently. The way my audiologist explained this volume adjustment to me is that this adjusts the volume of say music if listening to Pandora or iTunes. This does not adjust the actual volume of your aids. There is also a spiffy little “Start Live Stream” option on this screen. This means that you can use the microphone on the iPhone and have it stream to your aids. This would also be handy if there was someone you really need to hear in an extremely load crowd. They would take your phone and speak into it, the sound streams to your aids. I will try this in a meeting soon and report about it.
So, that is about it for now. I’ll report back after more use to let everyone know how they work out in the long term.



Which model iPhone do you have? I own the 4S and am not sure my phone is compatible. I have read on some sites that it is, while other sites say you need an iPhone 5 or newer.

I plan on waiting for whatever new iPhone comes out this year to trade up, so if it is the case that my 4S is too old, I will wait.

Thank you for your review. I look forward to your progress reports.



Cicada said he had an iPhone 5s. The LiNX is only compatible with the 5s, 5c, 5, iPad Air, iPad 4th Gen, iPad mini with Retina, iPad mini, and iPod touch 5th Gen. All using iOS 7.x or higher.



I should have added that my question was to DEM1940. My 4S has iOS 7.0.6 and has a hearing aid setting for Bluetooth devices as well as hearing aid mode. I will find out for sure when I call either Resound or Beltone for an appointment when I finally decide to pursue this.



Here’s my review of LiNX:



Audiogal - Welcome back! I have missed seeing your comments over the past several months. That is an informative review. Thank you.



Thanks! Got busy with work for a while, but popped in again to check up on you guys!



Hi all,

I have been using the Linx 7’s (transitioned from Verso 7) for about a day now and have had the opportunity to use in some various settings. I really like the integration with the iPhone and being able to control some functions. If I recall a previous post there was concern articulated that it takes about 3 seconds for the iPhone to pipe the sound to the HA’s. That is consistent with my findings as well. One thing I haven’t been able to figure out is how to get the phone to send the ring into the HA’s as the phone clip+ allowed this. Has anyone figured this out? I have successfully paired these with 2 iOS devices and I can switch between them with ease. Music, as stated above, is fantastic. So far battery life on the HA’s are great but there is a significant drain on the iPhone battery as there are 2 Bluetooth devices connected simultaneously. My battery drained 20% in 3 hours but that nusance is small in the grand scheme of things. Overall a positive experience so far.

cicada-- I read your post, very informative-- Unfortunately I don’t seem to get beeps before the HA’s pick up a call so I have been caught waiting for the connection and the person was already there. I will try and assess again.



The Linx uses a size 312 battery and my first pair lasted 7 days. My Iphone is a model 4 and you have limited use of features unless your phone is a 5. No feedback on the HA yet.