Resound dot programming cables

Any tips on where to get the cs63 cables?

I recently did an EBay search on “cs63 cables” and came up with the Hi-Pro seller from EBay Singapore. But I don’t know of any success stories obtaining cs63 cables?? Let us know if you are successful.

Here’s a link to bunch of information about the cables, clip module, and flex connect strip; Sonion-Connector-Systems

I have checked his feedback, there is a customer saying that he got it in 3 days together with his Hi-Pro.

Quoted from dov-meir: Package arrived just 3 days after placing order! Very much impressed!

He’s a genuine seller in Singapore, and very helpful. I got a hearing aid programming box and cables from him. They were brand new USB and sent by UPS with tracking.

The package sent to London UK arrived in less than a week.

thanks. I ordered a cable from him. I’ll post the outcome.

I got my USB Hi-Pro from him. Though, the Oticon programming cables #3 and programming shoes I had to get elsewhere. Warning for Oticon programming shoes because one set of shoes fit Epoq/Vigo and a different set of shoes fit Sumo. I see a set of Oticon programming cables #3 on EBay. Here’s a picture of my Hi-Pro:

Sorry, the picture was lost.

So, I have a USB Hi-Pro, The Aventa programming software, hi pro installation software, is that all I need to program the aid? and a windows 7 pc
the aids are Dot 30’s and I have a copy of my audiogram.

I don’t think you need any hi pro installation software because you have a USB Hi-Pro.

Some fitting software doesn’t run on 64-bit Windows OS. Win-7 comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Oh, and yes that should be all you need to program your aids.

Thanks for the photo.

That’s NOT a real USB Hi-Pro … it’s a copy.

I trust that they are LEGAL copies …

So, do you know where I can get the cables?


I got the cables from the singapore seller. My experience with him is not positive.

The NS63 cable has a broken conductor, so as is it won’t work. He is acting like I keep doing something wrong!!!:mad:

So, I can tell he isn’t going to help, I take the connector apart, find the broken wire, get out the solder iron,

I can now program my DOT 30’s…

My original programming is with the recommended parameters. Now I am going to start trying different configurations, I mainly want to hear speach during meetings, listen to the TV, and restaurant conversation.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Good job with the soldering iron!

Yup…that’s a knock off Hi-Pro

hopefully it works well… :slight_smile:

Knock off… Smock off…
They do work really well! :slight_smile:

so do you like stealing music and software with limewire?

When pushed into paying high prices for things like eye glasses, people look for alternatives. Lo and behold alternatives are available!

When pushed into paying high prices for things like hearing aids, people also look for alternatives. It’s not easy as member (1965mt) can testify. But alternatives are also available.

Don’t belittle us for doing as we must do.

Thanks for telling us about limewire. :wink:
Hmmmm, What is limewire? Is it something you could use (if you had a mind to) for enhancing your GPS tracking device by replacing the regional basemap with a world basemap and thereby facilitate downloading maps for…. Oh say,


* City Navigator Europe NT 2010.30c - MapID: 2200
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* AdriaROUTE 3.00 - MapID: 708
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* Adria TOPO 2.10 - HR - MapID: 928
  Commercial topographic map of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia (original map scale 1:25.000)

* Adria TOPO 2.21 - SLO - MapID: 844
  Commercial topographic map of Slovenia (original map scale 1:25.000)

* SCG Route 2.1 - MapID: 929
  Commercial streetmap of Montenegro, Serbia

* Roads of Belarus for Garmin 23.12.2009 (Rus + Translit MapSource + IMG) - MapID: 4858

* OFRM Bulgaria v4.90 - MapID: 5028
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* Garmin MapSource Bulgaria Routeable (BG Route) v4.1 (Map Date: 25.08.2008)
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* Atlas Czech v8.1 NT - MapID: 1645
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* Topo Czech 3.0 PRO - MapID: 1705
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  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

* Cyprus Map v10 – No installer
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* Eesti Teejuht 21.11
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* NaviGuide Hungary 5.3 NT - MapID: 709
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* GPS Kort Iceland v3.5 - MapID: 830
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* Roads of Latvia v1.1.2 - MapID: 1677

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* Lietuvos Topo 1.083 - MapID: 857
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* GPMapa 2009.3 NT 3D (buildings) - MapID: 1787

* R.O.A.D. 2008 v3.01 - MapID: 1189
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* Garmin Romania Road 2009.10 3.02 (update of ROAD 2008 3.01)
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* European POIs
      o SpeedCams 2009-12-06 - Fix camera
        Speedcam covering A, AND, B, BG, BIH, CH, CZ, D, DK, E, EST, F, FIN, FL, GB, GR, H, I, IRL, IS, L, LT, M, N, NL, P, PL, RO, RUS, S, SK, SLO, TR and UA. Furthermore Swedish Road Toll & Austria Road Toll.
        This one really works (with the right speed limit), and these alerts will sound and become visible once, as you approach the POI location. If you remain under the user specified speed, you will get no more alerts. However, if you exceed that specified speed, a beep will sound every second to remind you of the alert, until either you slow down below the set speed or pass the POI. All use is at your own risk.
        To install just copy the 6 files into /garmin/POI/ on your device.
        Based on data from POI Plaza,,, and


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  Download (Torrent)
  Mirror Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6


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  No installer – Win XP: Use install.bat – Win 7: Copy City Navigator Brazil NT 2010.30.gmap to C:\ProgramData\GARMIN\Maps

  Free streetmap of Brasil

* Chile Streets 2007 - MapID:724
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* Chile Roads and Topo 8/09 - MapID:725
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  RSA Western Cape, Northern Cape (ROUTABLE) 8.10 - Roads: 54129km, Points of Interest: 12943, Coverage: Detailed
  RSA Eastern Cape, KZN, Free State (ROUTABLE) 8.10 - Roads: 57353km, Points of Interest: 10684, Coverage: Detailed
  RSA Gauteng, North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga 8.10 - Roads: 66010km, Points of Interest: 10417, Coverage: Detailed
  Lesotho (ROUTABLE) 8.10 - Roads: 3429km, Points of Interest: 555, Coverage: Detailed
  Swaziland (ROUTABLE) 8.10 - Roads: 5354km, Points of Interest: 1086, Coverage: Detailed
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  This initial release includes the following routes: Manali-Leh, Leh-Srinagar, Spiti & Kinnaur and the Friendship Highway (Lhasa to Kathmandu passing by the Chinese Mount Everest Base Camp). The Karakoram Highway, Sikkim and Bhutan routes will be added shortly.
  Auto routing and navigation feature for all the roads included in the map
  Points of Interest data base such as hotels, guest houses, Internet Cafes, parachute tent settlements, restaurants, shops, drinking water sources, camp sites, gas/petrol stations, banks and ATMs, hospitals, government buildings, Gompas and monasteries, and more
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I bought 5 of those hi-pros and 2 pairs of the hearing aids that company was selling. I had to return 3 of the hi-pros and all of the hearing aids. They just didn’t work. I had a friend pop one open and he told me the thing was just jammed full of electronics and he could not figure out how in the world it got enough power from the usb connection. My last one worked for a few weeks and then died. However, the company that sells them is legit and they have legally gotten around any pattens. So, using one of these is not like using an illegal product, the quality of product is just not as good as the quality from GN Otometrics. But the company did refund me and if you can get one that works, I think its great.

I am very skeptical of your claim. What company are you referring to? For the sake of having accurate information posted in these forums, do you mind if we verify you claim with the vendor or the “company” that you dealt with?

This is a picture of my Hi-Pro and I am here to tell you it is as sound as the day is long:

thanks pvc - I knew I’d get a reaction :wink:
Look - I’ve got no issue with self programming and agree with you about the high cost of hearing aids…
All I’m saying is a replica hi-pro is about as dodgy as a “rolex” watch or a new release DVD bought in a Vietnamese market…