Resound Airlink Adapter - Can you purchase privately?

I have a mild to severe hearing loss and up until the age of 14 used to wear two NHS aids. I’m now 29 and quickly realizing that I need to revisit the world of hearing aids once again. However this time I have decided to go private and find an aid that’s better than the Seamens Reflex M that my local heath authority would provide.
I have been looking at the Resound Alera 5, if appears to meet most of my needs and is nice and neat. Whilst reading around the spec and the wireless features, I stumbled across the this forum and other talking about the Airlink adapter and the ability to program your Alera’s. However there does not seem to be any firm conclusions as to whether you can buy the USB Airlink adapter without being an approved audiologist.

I understand that programing your own aid is not going to be simple, and I would get the audiologist fitting the aids to carry out the main adjustment, but I think the ability to fine tune the aids at home would be useful.

So if any one can clear up the availibility of the Resound USB adaptor I would appreciate it. Also am I being naive to think that I can learn how to use the software and make changes to my own aids?

Well, if the audiologist sets them up and makes the major adjustments and you want to try some things at home, and are very handy with software and pay attention to what your pro does during adjustments, you could probably make some minor adjustments at home. I would tell the pro first though and make sure he/she is willing to bail you out if you screw it up.

If you, um, find the airlink, please let me know.

This is the airlink dongle for reference purposes

Do you have the air link for sale. If not where did you get yours

Dongle is sold…

Message in you box

I have sold the Airlink to Geokir.
sold, funds received & shipped)



Airlink received.

Well Geokir your on your way to trail and error
the best part about doing it all yourself, you dont have to wait till the next appointment to get them adjusted again :smiley:

A little tip to what I have done, is to make two clients
when you first connect to the pc via the airlink
it will read the current setting of your aids
click and save these as one clients,
then start a second client, this is the one I do my adjustment in
if you bugger that up you can always log in as client one and go back to what you started with
also after you have set what you want to try, you can print it out
print out the one for the Audy not the patient, it prints all the setting of all the programs you have. I print mind out, go out to the real world, then write my notes if it worked or didnt work

Good luck with it and do it all in safe mode

I have tried 2 drivers, but the resound software doesn’t recognize it with either driver. Is there a difference between the airlink I have and Resound Airlink?

Did it work?, There where the same airlink? How have been you experience about fitting yours Resound Alera?.

I was wandering where you got the airlink from. I need one. been quoted $400. is that too much

No, I haven´t the airlink fitting USB. I would like to know if it works for firmware update for the Resound Alera 961.
Another question… can I change the fitting if one audi send me the file(which file and extension)?.

Have any of you tried using a simple connection bluethoot rather than the dongle airlink? :slight_smile:

Hi Guys im new here but have the same problem as one of your other contributors. I would like to purchase a Resound Airlink USB dongle to help fine tune my instruments. I have a new pair of alera 9’s and have problems with a very low level hiss in the monitored ear. If you change over the monitor instruments the noise switches ear. my audiologist has tried several times to track it down with help from Resound but so far not with any success.

I am a communications engineer who is familiar with sound expansion, compression / noise suppression techniques. I am off with a broken leg and I have the time to play whilst my audiologist does not.

I am familiar with electronics and software programming and already have the Verso software downloaded and updated to the latest 3.5.A
Any help to purchase an Airlink unit and or advise width settings, to reduce / remove the hiss would be gratefully accepted.

I have also tried to connect with a normal general Bluetooth adapter, but so far I cant get the adapter to see the Alera’s. this would be a great (and a cheap) solution if it could be made to work.

Did you ever get your Airlink Donggle. i managed to buy mine from the USA but had to import it as i live i the Uk.

hi-pro is better .

I am an ReSound Verso 988 user, and I’ve been checking for an Airlink so I can make minor adjustments myself. Too much $$ and very hard to find. However before I purchased the Verso’s, I was wearing Siemens and I had purchased a Hi-Pro USB unit to adjust those aids. The main advantage of using the Hi-Pro is that all you need to do is get the appropriate adapter to connect to the whatever brand aids that you have to the Hi-Pro. The Airlink can be only used on ReSound aids that have the built-in circuitry whereas you can use the Hi-Pro on all other brands.

Hi Guys,
I’m looking for the Resound airlink USB dongle to use with my new resound ENZO HAs, but without any success so far…

can anyone please share a link to someone who sells this device?

Any info will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.
Uri Tal.