Resound Airlink Adapter - Can you purchase privately?

I’ve just received a Resound Airlink from India. It works perfectly with my Alera HAs.

Hi Cray512,

any URL where to purchase it ??

thanx in advance

I bought one from Europe. It seems they treat adjusting your own aid different. In the U.S. The audiologist try to control everything. They try to justify it but the real reason I suspect is to keep 100 percent of the business. I have resound aids and have keep the two programs that my audiologist entered but also entered one of my own. It would be great if you could adjust your aids while in the environment that gives you the most trouble.
Check the Europe eBay site. One just sold this last Friday night. It went for a much higher price then I paid for mine.

Don’t touch the program they enter. Backup your aid first then enter a new one that you can experiment with.

I bought my Airlink2 off ebay (200 pounds plus a few more bucks to a freight forwarder since the seller only sold domestically in the UK). I use it with the resound smartfit. It reads the existing settings in the hearingaids just fine. I saved the existing settings from my Audi and created a new “patient” for my playing around with settings.

have also tried to connect with a normal general Bluetooth adapter, but so far I cant get the adapter to see the Alera’s. this would be a great (and a cheap) solution if it could be made to work.

Bluetooth won’t work. It’s BLE (despite the name bluetooth, it’s a complete different protocol). For practical purooses, you should be able to use any BLE device to program the HA. I’ve tried to use a BLE sniffer to capture the data transfers but so far I’ve not had a whole lot of luck.

check ebay always one available

The Noahlink Wireless is the same thing and has probably replaced Airlink 2. You can get one for 250 Euro here:

They ship promptly, and will update to the latest firmware. You can find out more about it and get new firmware from:


AirLink is not AirLink 2

Noahlink Wireless cannot replace Airlink 2 because,
AirLink 2 is Noahlink Wireless, they are the same device.

This is true, but if you have Resound (or the other related brands) aids and you’re using SmartFit, you should be able to use the original Airlink dongle. The Airlink2/Noahlink is compatible with more brands however.

Maybe you are saying what I am going to say in a different a different way?? You can’t use the Airlink dongle on the new stuff.

Old stuff cable guide.

New stuff cable guide.

I stand corrected. If you’re using Aventa, you can use either the Airlink (dongle) or the Airlink2. If you’re using SmartFit, it only supports the Airlink2/Noahlink (as well as the common wired Noahlink, speedlink, and hipro).

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Yep, you got it. Except, of course the hearing aids must be wireless. Most newcomers don’t know what fitting software they should use, so it’s better to begin with which hearing aid model you need to program, and then work backwards from there.

Also I recommend against using wired Noahlink and Speedlink devices. Why?

ReSound Speedlink is a proprietary wired device so you are limiting youeself to only one manufacturer;

Noahlink partially-wired device is getting-long in-the-tooth (old technology). You can do much better than this old, almost obsolete, Noahlink, not to be confused with Noahlink Wireless/ReSound Airlink 2 (same device).